Get rich off the ‘Dumb Trump Fund’

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Alot of white peo­ple are qui­etly sup­port­ing Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Don­ald Trump, say­ing he is the only man who has the guts to say what the ma­jor­ity of whites be­lieve, but would dare not say.

Good for them, be­cause I am pre­pared to say what a lot of black peo­ple would dare not say.

Many white peo­ple are an­gry be­cause US Pres­i­dent Barack Obama has done an ex­cel­lent job in run­ning his coun­try.

The dol­lar is at its strong­est, the US econ­omy is cre­at­ing jobs and Obama has cleaned up the mess made by his pre­de­ces­sor, Ge­orge W Bush – so ef­fec­tively, in fact, that white peo­ple can­not bear that a black per­son is do­ing bet­ter than a white per­son, even if it is to their ben­e­fit. They are to­tally blinded by their prej­u­dices.

White peo­ple are ig­nor­ing all the warn­ing signs and the voices of rea­son, in­clud­ing that of Pope Fran­cis, who took the un­usual step of pub­licly ques­tion­ing Trump’s Chris­tian­ity.

It is not for me to teach white peo­ple about the evils of racism; greater men and women be­fore me have tried and failed.

So, like white peo­ple do, we must adopt a coldly cap­i­tal­ist view and aim to ben­e­fit from this sit­u­a­tion. Trump will be good for our econ­omy. Ex­pect a racial war to break out when he gets into the White House. It will be a big­ger and dead­lier re­peat of the racial ri­ots that hit the US from time to time.

If the killing of black peo­ple con­tin­ued at this rate un­der Pres­i­dent Obama, you can only imag­ine the level it will reach un­der Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump. In that highly charged en­vi­ron­ment, the sup­port for black lib­er­a­tion move­ment #Black­Lives­Mat­ter will ex­plode, and we will see the re­turn of armed black groups such as the Black Pan­thers.

New black mil­i­tant lead­ers will emerge, ar­gu­ing that the paradigm of peace, as es­poused by great lead­ers such as Nelson Man­dela and Martin Luther King, Jr, is now over.

Since we now live in a glob­ally con­nected world, ex­pect race ri­ots across the Western world.

When peo­ple feel un­safe, most turn to God; but in­vestors turn to gold, which is seen as an in­vest­ment haven.

This will push up the price of the pre­cious metal, keep­ing our mines in busi­ness. And so Eskom will have to de­liver. Black chil­dren are raised to “turn the other cheek”. Since it is not in your na­ture to take re­venge, it’s best to turn off that tap, seal all those leaks and save that money.

Un­der­stand that it is very hard to make money, and very easy to lose it all.

You are wise if you worry about your health while you are healthy; wiser still if you worry about ad­ver­sity dur­ing a time of pros­per­ity.

And pos­ter­ity is re­served for you if you run while ev­ery­one else is blinded by the tears in their eyes.

Serve your com­mu­nity, but be a slave to nei­ther their cheers nor fan­cies – and leave that new Ger­man car and other sta­tus sym­bols alone.

Re­mem­ber that the sun may shine equally on all of us – the godly and the un­godly – but un­like rain, wealth does not fall on all of us equally.

Make your own rain and en­sure you have your wind tur­bine up and run­ning, so when that wind­fall of folly comes along, you are ready to catch it and profit from it.

Start a “Dumb Trump Fund”, whose sole ob­jec­tive is to help you ben­e­fit from the stu­pid­ity of the white peo­ple who will vote for him.

True, we are taught to for­give those who tres­pass against us, but nowhere do we read that we must never get rich from their fol­lies.

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