Tiger’s diet goes down a bit badly

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Of­fi­cials at Kris­tiansand Zoo in Nor­way have re­port­edly ad­mit­ted that a healthy ze­bra was killed sim­ply be­cause they had too many of them.

The row started when one mum posted a snap of the butchered ze­bra on Face­book with the cap­tion: “Should take a look at the tigers to­day. What met me was a lit­tle macabre.”

An­gry par­ents tak­ing young chil­dren to see their favourite an­i­mals on the day con­demned the spec­ta­cle as “traumatic”.

One pro­tester said on­line: “A lit­tle too macabre for me. An­i­mals eat an­i­mals, but I did not think I would see that at the zoo.”

Another said: “Hor­rid. Traumatic for young chil­dren.”

Lead­ing child psy­chol­o­gist Mange Raun­dalen later con­demned the dis­play as “grotesque”. Vet Rolf-Arne Ol­berg said: “I think most peo­ple re­alise that a tiger eats meat. There is no point hid­ing it away.”

He added: “I un­der­stand peo­ple’s re­ac­tions, but it is quite nor­mal for a tiger or lion to eat their prey.

“With a whole an­i­mal to eat, they must spend some time tear­ing it apart with their claws and teeth. It stim­u­lates nat­u­ral be­hav­iour.”

The zoo said it had ex­plained this and the guests re­alised this was the way na­ture was.

“We must not avoid the fact that preda­tors eat other an­i­mals,” the of­fi­cial ex­plained.

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