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Na­tional De­vel­op­ment Plan An ex­tract from the Vi­sion State­ment

We, the peo­ple of South Africa, have jour­neyed far since the long lines of our first demo­cratic elec­tion on 27 April 1994, when we elected a gov­ern­ment for us all. We be­gan to tell a new story then. We have lived and re­newed that story along the way. Now in 2030 we live in a coun­try which we have re­made.

We have cre­ated a home where ev­ery­body feels free yet bounded to others; where ev­ery­one em­braces their full po­ten­tial. We are proud to be a com­mu­nity that cares.

We have re­ceived the mixed legacy of in­equal­i­ties in op­por­tu­nity and in where we have lived, but we have agreed to change our nar­ra­tive of con­quest, op­pres­sion, re­sis­tance.

We felt our way to­wards a new sense of our­selves:

Try­ing, suc­ceed­ing and mak­ing mis­takes Pro­claim­ing suc­cess and clos­ing our minds to fail­ure Feel­ing ori­en­tated and dis­ori­en­tated through our own ac­tions Af­firm­ing some re­al­i­ties and deny­ing others Pro­claim­ing open­ness to the world, yet court­ing in­su­lar­ity Ea­ger to live to­gether, yet find­ing it dif­fi­cult to recog­nise shared bur­dens Learn­ing to recog­nise and ac­knowl­edge shared suc­cesses

Our new story is open-ended with tem­po­rary des­ti­na­tions, only for new paths to open up once more.

It is a story of un­fold­ing learn­ing. Even when we floun­der we re­main hope­ful. In this story, we al­ways ar­rive and de­part.

We have come some way.

We know:

What we do, and how we do it, is as im­por­tant as what we want to achieve. What we are is be­cause of who we have been and what we want to be­come. We will con­tinue to make it to make us, be­cause we are happy with be­ing who we are.

Who are we?

We are Africans. We are an African coun­try. We are part of our multi-na­tional re­gion. We are an es­sen­tial part of our con­ti­nent. Be­ing Africans, we are acutely aware of the wider world, deeply im­pli­cated in our past and present. That wider world car­ries some of our in­her­i­tance. We have learned a great deal from our com­plex past, adding con­tin­u­ously to our ex­pe­ri­ence of be­ing African.

South Africa be­longs to all its peo­ple.

Now, in 2030, our story keeps grow­ing as if spring is al­ways with us.

Once, we ut­tered the dream of a rain­bow. Now we see it, liv­ing it. It does not curve over the sky.

It is re­fracted in each one of us at home, in the com­mu­nity, in the city, and across the land, in an abun­dance of colour.

When we see it in the faces of our chil­dren, we know: there will al­ways be, for us, a wor­thy fu­ture.

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