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Un­less oth­er­wise ad­vised by your health prac­ti­tioner, sex dur­ing preg­nancy gets the go-ahead. The de­sire for sex varies from woman to woman. While some ex­pe­ri­ence an in­crease in sex drive, some ex­pe­ri­ence fluc­tu­a­tions, while oth­ers have no sex­ual in­ter­est what­so­ever.

All ex­pe­ri­ences are per­fectly nor­mal and may vary, de­pend­ing on what stage of preg­nancy you are in.

Your reg­u­lar po­si­tions may be­come chal­leng­ing as your tummy grows, but you can try th­ese: 1. DOGGY STYLE Get on your knees and use your el­bows for sup­port while he en­ters you from be­hind. 2. GIRL ON TOP To re­move weight from your grow­ing tummy, get on top of your part­ner while he is on his back. 3. MIS­SION­ARY This can be chal­leng­ing af­ter the first trimester, with your tummy be­ing larger, but lift your­self up to­wards your part­ner with the help of a pil­low un­der your bum. 4. ON THE EDGE Place your bum on the edge of a sur­face – for ex­am­ple, a bed – and have him en­ter you while he is stand­ing. 5. SIDE BY SIDE Your part­ner en­ters you from be­hind while you both lie on your sides. Do you have ques­tions for Jade? SMS the key­word SEX and your ques­tion to 35697. You can also email us at trend­ing@city­press.co.za. SMSes cost R1.50. Please in­clude your name and prov­ince 6. MU­TUAL MASTURBATION This is an­other way to be in­ti­mate.

It is es­sen­tial to main­tain your re­la­tion­ship with your part­ner and keep the lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion open.

Yes, you’ll both want to fo­cus on the com­ing baby, but don’t ne­glect each other. Make time for ro­mance. This should con­tinue even af­ter the baby has ar­rived. Af­ter giv­ing birth, your body needs time to heal. There is a wait­ing pe­riod of be­tween four and eight weeks, so take note of what your doc­tor says be­fore you have pen­e­tra­tive sex again.

Rush­ing into sex soon af­ter the baby is born can cause an in­fec­tion, so be sure to al­low your body time to re­cover.

Be gen­tle with your body dur­ing your first en­coun­ters af­ter hav­ing given birth.

Kegel ex­er­cises can help to strengthen the pelvic floor mus­cles again and your hor­mones should re­turn to nor­mal af­ter your first pe­riod af­ter the de­liv­ery.

Re­lax. I can­not stress this enough. Yes, your body has changed and that’s okay. Use lu­bri­cant if you need to. And don’t for­get to get back on birth con­trol, un­less you’re plan­ning an­other preg­nancy, im­me­di­ately.

JUST THE TWO OF US Be­ing preg­nant doesn’t mean you can’t have sex, but you may like to try po­si­tions that are more com­fort­able to ac­com­mo­date your grow­ing ab­domen

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