Senzo shafted for fight­ing blessers

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Mon­day. I am in show­room con­di­tion, de­spite two con­sec­u­tive days of live mu­sic, cour­tesy of Dur­ban’s Zak­ifo Fes­ti­val. And a bang­ing Sun­day evening jazz ses­sion at The Rain­bow. A rel­a­tively ab­sti­nent life­style will cause that, I guess.

A long, nasty week of muck­rak­ing lies ahead. With all the street protests and killings over coun­cil spots and the Cab­i­net reshuf­fle that is likely to follow Premier Senzo Mchunu get­ting shafted, my chances of an easy week are rather slim.

The whole reshuf­fle thing has been bug­ging me, more for the why than the how of it.

I head for the beach and a body­surf­ing date with my bra JayNaidoo. Not Big Jay, who ran labour fed­er­a­tion Cosatu be­fore it be­came the ANC labour desk. Big Jay is also a bra, but he’s busy run­ning Rustlers Val­ley and try­ing to change the world one cab­bage at a time. Top man.

JayNaidoo and I hit the wa­ter. Dur­ban’s sun is a golden ball above us, but the ocean takes the breath away at first. There is a wave. It is moshy and clos­ing out, and there is a fair bit of de­bris in the wa­ter. It doesn’t mat­ter. I’ll swim any­where.

A bit of a right picks me up and I drop. For a cou­ple of sec­onds I am fly­ing. The ocean is do­ing all the work; I am just guid­ing it. Reshuf­fles, shoot­ings and Mchunus all dis­ap­pear. The wave closes out.

I jack­knife my body, push off the bot­tom and throw my­self out to sea. I get a rhythm go­ing. The wave gets big­ger. I start get­ting clever, and tak­ing larger and larger rides. I take a big left. I’m fly­ing. It closes out, and I am sucked up and hurled, face first, into the sand. My spine com­pacts. The lights go out for an in­stant. I am thrown around like I’m a Check­ers packet, un­til the ocean spits me out.

I’m cough­ing up sand and sea­wa­ter, and won­der­ing which hurts more, my head or my back. Then a thought hits me. Mchunu did not get the heave for dodg­ing ANC meet­ings. Our man got booted be­cause of his war on blessers.

A cou­ple of weeks be­fore be­ing shown the door, Senzo launched an anti-blesser cam­paign. He hit the road to Mtu­batuba, where blessers had ap­par­ently been “run­ning amok” and mak­ing young girls preg­nant.

He pledged about R40 mil­lion from dis­cre­tionary funds to pay for a cam­paign to force the blessers to hang up their boots. Some Level 33 blesser must have reached out to Luthuli House to shut Mchunu down. It’s blessers 1; Senzo 0.

En­light­ened, I make it to my knees and crawl up the beach.

Some Level 33 blesser must have reached out to Luthuli House to shut Mchunu down

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