The Look­ing Glass cracks

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Alice Through the Look­ing Glass This film is as jum­bled as Tim Bur­ton’s Alice in Won­der­land was, but not in a good way. Johnny Depp is pre­dictable as the Mad Hat­ter, and the mes­sage of the movie gets lost in all the time trav­el­ling. Skip it. – Danette Frederique The Boss Melissa McCarthy is usu­ally hi­lar­i­ous, but The Boss is a vul­gar mess. There’s not a sin­gle rea­son to spend a cent on this rub­bish. – Gayle Ed­munds X-Men: Apoca­lypse Too many char­ac­ters and dull act­ing make this the most lack­lus­tre in the fran­chise, but fans might still find it thrilling. – Gayle Ed­munds


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