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Save fuel by do­ing the fol­low­ing:

Re­move ex­ter­nal fit­tings from your car when they are not in use. Keep your win­dows and sun­roof closed to re­duce the air drag over your car. Only use air con­di­tion­ing if you need it. Avoid stop/start driving. Main­tain a con­stant speed rather than ac­cel­er­at­ing and us­ing your brakes over long dis­tances, and slow down gen­tly when driving short dis­tances.

Avoid ex­ces­sive idling. Dur­ing idling pe­ri­ods of sev­eral min­utes or more, where it is safe to do so, switch off your en­gine.

Ac­cel­er­at­ing steadily to your de­sired speed re­duces fuel con­sump­tion. For cars that use petrol, change gears at 2 500 rev­o­lu­tions per minute (rpm). For cars that use diesel, the rec­om­men­da­tion is 2 000rpm.

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