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He­lani Lim­popo Sam should talk about it un­til he knows who killed his son. As a par­ent, it’s sad to lose a child. His son was mur­dered in the pres­ence of many peo­ple. It’s so sad. Let him talk, please, so that he can get clo­sure. T Jwara East­ern Cape It will be dif­fi­cult for Sam to stop talk­ing un­til he gets clo­sure on his son’s death. Any par­ent can un­der­stand that. At the same time, Kelly is also some­one’s daugh­ter. Nkosi­nathi Gaut­eng No! It is un­fair to re­strict him on who he should or should not men­tion. As long as Senzo’s killer is not known, Sam will al­ways be bit­ter and Kelly must un­der­stand this sim­ple truth. Kelly should have known that singing about Senzo would lead to un­hap­pi­ness. If I were Kelly, I would keep my mouth shut, es­pe­cially about any­thing that brings Senzo’s name into the pic­ture. At least for now. Nozi Gaut­eng Yes, Senzo’s fa­ther must just stop it. I’m hop­ing he him­self has never cheated on his wife be­fore and, if he did, the sit­u­a­tions are the same. The only dif­fer­ence is he wasn’t killed. He must leave Kelly alone and move on with his life and get coun­selling on how to deal with his son’s death. Ntwezi East­ern Cape Every­one keeps lam­bast­ing Bab’ uMeyiwa and what he is do­ing to Kelly. Has any­one ever thought of how the Meyiwa fam­ily is feel­ing? Their son was the only one killed in a house full of other peo­ple at Kelly’s place and every­one just wants Senzo’s fam­ily to let it go. All pre­sented info points to this be­ing planned and some­one or even peo­ple that were in that house­hold knew ex­actly what went down and who robbed us of a won­der­ful tal­ent. I be­lieve Kelly knows too. The truth will even­tu­ally come out and she had bet­ter be ready. Pelisa East­ern Cape Mr Sam, stop men­tion­ing Kelly’s name. Find it in your heart to learn to for­give. It dis­ap­points me that you are act­ing as if you don’t trust God. Why can’t you let God fight for you and stop em­bar­rass­ing your­self. Tata, get a life. Noth­ing will bring Senzo back. Even the tra­di­tional heal­ers you go to won’t help. Tata, start act­ing like an adult. Stop read­ing the Bi­ble and pray­ing if you can’t ac­cept what has hap­pened be­cause you have no faith. God is the one who judges us, not you. Find it in your heart to for­give.



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