Chikane warns about cor­rupt fac­tions

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ANC vet­eran Rev­erend Frank Chikane has warned in­di­vid­u­als who are be­ing touted by cor­rupt fac­tions that their bid to be lead­ers of the ANC come 2017 won’t suc­ceed, and that they should rather de­cline those nom­i­na­tions.

“When peo­ple nom­i­nate you, you must check who these peo­ple are. Whether they are clean or if they are just fraud­sters. If they are not clean, then deny the nom­i­na­tion. Don’t al­low your­self to be put in power by a fac­tion that is cor­rupt,” Chikane said.

In an in­ter­view with City Press, Chikane reaf­firmed the ur­gent need for a con­sul­ta­tive con­fer­ence ahead of both the pol­icy and elec­tive con­fer­ences of the ANC, which will hap­pen in June and De­cem­ber re­spec­tively.

A group of more than 101 veter­ans have ap­pealed to the ANC to con­sider their wish for a con­sul­ta­tive con­fer­ence to ad­dress a cri­sis within the or­gan­i­sa­tion. This week, the group re­jected a pro­posal by the ANC national ex­ec­u­tive com­mit­tee that the con­fer­ence take place dur­ing the first two days of the pol­icy con­fer­ence next year.

The rev­erend said that rot had set into the ANC like a deep can­cer, and that the only way to get rid of it was a con­sul­ta­tive con­fer­ence that would look to take ac­tion against those who have al­lowed them­selves to be cap­tured.

“We want to go to the con­sul­ta­tive con­fer­ence and agree on the terms and say that, if you don’t meet these re­quire­ments, you should not stand for elec­tions. I am not go­ing to give you names. All those cor­rupted be­yond the point of no re­turn, if they man­age to buy their way to lead­ers who are go­ing to sup­port what they do, they will not be in power by 2019 and they will go to jail. They will go to jail. Fix this thing now, don’t try schemes to go and pro­duce your own lead­ers who will pro­tect you, don’t.”

Chikane said that the veter­ans were of the view that the con­fer­ence must take place in March or April, at least two months be­fore the pol­icy con­fer­ence. He said that the ANC must find the money and pri­ori­tise the con­fer­ence.

He warned that the ANC has no choice but to ac­cept the con­fer­ence as pro­posed by the veter­ans or face los­ing the rule of the coun­try come 2019.

“They must agree be­cause if they don’t agree and con­tinue on this tra­jec­tory, the game is over, the ANC is dead. You can’t con­tinue in this way where peo­ple pro­duce money to buy state-owned en­ter­prises and lead­ers. You will lose an elec­tion.”

This week, the veter­ans told the me­dia that the con­fer­ence should in­clude even those who were not mem­bers of the ANC.

“It is not about tak­ing dirty linen to the pub­lic, it is about go­ing to the pub­lic and ad­mit­ting we made mis­takes, please as­sist us to change in a man­ner that you see fit. The UDF [United Demo­cratic Front] is an ex­am­ple – there were med­i­cal doc­tors, trade unions, churches. You had ev­ery­body there and, when we spoke, we spoke on be­half of the na­tion, not on be­half of the party. One of the great­est mis­takes the ANC has made is to fo­cus on it­self and its mem­bers.

“That is what we need to turn around at that con­sul­ta­tive con­fer­ence, where peo­ple be­gin to un­der­stand again that the move­ment was there for the peo­ple, not for it­self,” Chikane said.

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