Who should de­ter­mine where a man is buried?

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Mimi Western Cape Gospel star S’fiso Ncwane’s wife. His fam­ily has no right to in­ter­fere. Ditl­hare Free State The wife has the right and fi­nal word. The Bi­ble says “af­ter mar­riage, both start a new life away from their fam­i­lies”. Un­less agreed to by both par­ties, in-laws must re­spect the wife’s de­ci­sion. CT Mathibeng Gaut­eng His wife should de­cide where he is to be buried, be­cause they’re mar­ried. Ma­ditaba Free State I think that most peo­ple de­ter­mine their burial place while alive, which is good, but most par­ents ig­nore the de­ceased’s words in many in­stances. By right, the wife is the one who should de­cide, not the mother. Puse­letso Booi Free State S’fiso and his fam­ily serve God in truth and in spirit. The Bi­ble (Ge­n­e­sis 2:24) says: “For this rea­son, a man will leave his fa­ther and mother and be united/hold fast to his wife and they will be­come one flesh.” In this in­stance, the wife is the right per­son who should de­cide about ev­ery­thing con­cern­ing her hus­band. I ad­vise his mother to take the po­si­tion of sup­port­ing her late son; by do­ing so, God will soften Ayanda’s heart. Louis Sha­bal­ala Gaut­eng In Zulu cul­ture the el­ders of the fam­ily must de­cide. The wife of the de­ceased can’t speak to her in-laws. Mpoto Male­sela Lim­popo In terms of the law, a wife de­ter­mines where her hus­band is buried. Agnes Free State I think S’fiso’s wife has the right to de­cide. Sorry mum. Peter Maa­bane Mpumalanga Nei­ther one of the two should de­ter­mine the burial. The two fam­i­lies should sit down in sup­port of the wife, pro­pose and agree on where the man should be buried. What mat­ters most is the un­der­stand­ing and co­op­er­a­tion be­tween the two fam­i­lies of the de­ceased, not his wife or mum, be­cause they al­ways have is­sues sur­round­ing them. Pet­rina Dioma Free State How disin­gen­u­ous of you to even ask this ques­tion. What God has put to­gether, no­body can put asun­der. Ayanda was S’fiso’s wife and is now his widow. She should de­cide what hap­pens to his re­mains, un­less you want to take us back to the dark days of widow abuse and iso­la­tion. Phillip Mlonyeni KwaZulu-Natal Legally, the wife has a right, but cus­tom­ar­ily the de­ci­sion of where a man is buried is an out­come of con­sen­sus among the el­ders. Jabu Free State His wife. Note that he is no longer a child, whereby a mother will de­cide where to bury him, but a mar­ried man who has his own fam­ily.


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