Is the govern­ment do­ing enough to tackle cor­rup­tion?

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Nx­u­malo Gaut­eng

Char­ity be­gins at home. The min­is­ter in the pres­i­dency pays lip ser­vice in the fight against cor­rup­tion – the bat­tle will not be won. Jeff Radebe (the lame duck in the pres­i­dency), is the last to talk about the fight against cor­rup­tion be­cause it’s hap­pen­ing right un­der his nose, yet he is point­ing in the wrong di­rec­tion and mis­lead­ing peo­ple. Radebe fum­bled and changed his story about the Air Force Base Waterk­loof land­ing of the Gup­tas. Who can trust him and his co­horts in higher places when they talk of “cor­rup­tion”? The peo­ple will fight it, and we will win.

SM Raseobi Free State

Not much is done. Peo­ple are re­port­ing it, but there is no ev­i­dence of in­ves­ti­ga­tions and dis­ci­plinary ac­tion. “Scratch my back, then I will scratch yours” is the rule of the day.

Jab­u­lani Mpumalanga

A big no. They are the ones who are the most cor­rupt. Govern­ment is in­ef­fec­tive be­cause of­fi­cials are pro­tect­ing one an­other and mak­ing this coun­try worse.

Don Sheasby Western Cape

Cor­rup­tion is crime. The pres­i­dent of South Africa both ex­em­pli­fies and con­dones it in his ad­min­is­tra­tion. Why? Be­cause for him and his syco­phants, crime pays.

Zweli Nd­lazi Gaut­eng

No. It’s like ask­ing the devil to stop tak­ing peo­ple to hell, or ask­ing the devil to in­ves­ti­gate him­self.

Maria Free State

No, they are not ef­fec­tive. The ANC, which hap­pens to be the govern­ment, is of the opin­ion that cor­rup­tion is its in­sti­tu­tional right. The best strat­egy is a sec­ond rev­o­lu­tion to re­move the ANC from power.

Mahlangu Free State

Soon South Africa will be the worst coun­try to live in. The world will name us the num­ber one cor­rup­tion state. Cor­rup­tion erases all the good things this beau­ti­ful coun­try has worked hard to achieve.

Priscilla Maboa Gaut­eng

Cor­rup­tion must be rooted out from the top. Peo­ple must stop preach­ing what they don’t prac­tice. The very same peo­ple who speak about anti-cor­rup­tion are the ones who pro­mote it. Our in­sti­tu­tions are rot­ten be­cause of this can­cer of cor­rup­tion.

Du­misani Dibanto KwaZulu-Natal

Cor­rup­tion in this coun­try has gone be­yond any­one’s imag­i­na­tion. Who­ever still be­lieves this ANC-led govern­ment is se­ri­ously tack­ling cor­rup­tion is lost in Dis­ney­land.

Richard Mabuza Mpumalanga

We are be­ing led by praise singers – an in­com­pe­tent group of in­di­vid­u­als rep­re­sent­ing their own in­ter­ests and fam­i­lies. Un­der this lead­er­ship there are no feed­back meet­ings to the mem­ber­ship. Most of those in lead­er­ship po­si­tions do not un­der­stand cor­po­ra­tive gov­er­nance and ef­fec­tive lead­er­ship.

Hen­rick Gaut­eng

I think MK has passed its sell-by date. We ap­pre­ci­ate the work of MK mem­bers such as Solomon Mahlangu and his co­terie of gal­lant boys and girls un­der Chris Hani and Joe Slovo. But the kitchen cook is di­lut­ing their strug­gles by mak­ing it a rented, pay-as-you-go MK.

Mce­bisi Hoya East­ern Cape

Kebby Maphat­soe doesn’t have a clue of what is to be done for veter­ans in the short term, medium term or long term. He is fail­ing our veter­ans. He is serv­ing no one’s in­ter­ests but his own and those of his fac­tional masters.

Thabo Gaut­eng

There is no way Maphat­soe can unite the veter­ans. He be­longs to a fac­tion him­self.

Mar­cus Mooka Lim­popo

The veter­ans will never be united un­der Maphat­soe, as he ap­pears to be on many slates. A leader must not take sides, he must lead and show his fol­low­ers di­rec­tion. He must en­sure the or­gan­i­sa­tion dis­cusses mat­ters, not de­cide on its be­half. The other prob­lem is a lack of lis­ten­ing and just talk­ing with­out think­ing in or­der to sat­isfy his masters.

Lebo Gaut­eng

No chance of union un­der Kebby. He is fac­tional and lead­ers should be in­de­pen­dent and sup­port the move­ment, not in­di­vid­u­als. They should have pro­tected both the peo­ple march­ing to Luthuli House and Luthuli House it­self, be­cause those peo­ple are mem­bers of the ANC. They lack prin­ci­ples.

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