Zuma must go first

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PM Pi­lane North West res­i­dent Zuma him­self is in­com­pe­tent as the head of state. He also ap­points in­com­pe­tent and cor­rupt of­fi­cials and min­is­ters into top po­si­tions (he dis­likes com­pe­tent and eth­i­cal per­form­ers). There is im­punity in his ad­min­is­tra­tion, pa­tron­age and graft in which he is com­plicit, trans­gres­sions (no rule of law ap­plies to him) and cor­rup­tion – all be­cause of him. He must also go, be­cause he is actually the cause of the rot. Benny Gaut­eng ANC poli­cies should’ve been im­ple­mented a long time ago. Broad-based black eco­nomic em­pow­er­ment must be en­forced strongly. Fire min­is­ters and all di­rec­tors-gen­eral (DGs). Banyana Gaut­eng I think it’s just an­other strat­egy for Zuma to get rid of those who go against him. The first min­is­ter to be fired will be Pravin Gord­han. Matjie Lim­popo I agree that those, in all spheres of govern­ment, who are not im­ple­ment­ing the man­date must be fired even in the or­gan­i­sa­tion, be­cause the pur­pose is ser­vice de­liv­ery to the peo­ple. Why should they hold of­fice while tar­nish­ing the im­age of the ANC? Thokozani Mbatha KwaZulu-Natal I to­tally agree. Why waste money and time on mak­ing poli­cies that are not go­ing to be im­ple­mented? If peo­ple were sup­posed to im­ple­ment pol­icy and they did not, that means they failed to do their jobs. Let them face con­se­quences. Can you imag­ine hav­ing a law en­forcer who does not en­force the law? Sifiso Ngubeni Mpumalanga When­ever he fires the min­is­ters, he too must step down be­cause he has also failed to do good for the coun­try. Giepie Smit Western Cape It is not a mat­ter of hire and fire. And I think a lot of peo­ple will agree with me that we don’t mind the ANC be­ing in charge. It is just a mat­ter of NOT putting some­body in charge of a port­fo­lio who knows some­body for the sake of a big salary. Some­body with the right qual­i­fi­ca­tions and with the right know-how must be put in charge of a port­fo­lio so that all of South Africa’s peo­ple can ben­e­fit. That is what will in­flu­ence our next vote. Abel Mate­bula Gaut­eng I strongly rec­om­mend that it’s high time the pres­i­dent cracked the whip and fired min­is­ters and DGs who are de­trac­tors of the poli­cies of the govern­ment which makes our peo­ple lose trust in the govern­ment. Shaun Gaut­eng The first one to be fired is Zuma him­self. This fee­ble eleventh-hour at­tempt by Zuma to shift the fo­cus from his own gross “mis­man­age­ment” of his own party and blam­ing his own ap­pointed min­is­ters is far too late and comes long after his own sell-by date has ex­pired. It is a shame that he is still al­lowed to de­stroy the promis­ing fu­ture we had, which his pre­de­ces­sors and, most specif­i­cally, Madiba set in mo­tion. What a rot­ting car­cass he leaves for all South Africans, and es­pe­cially his own vot­ers and sup­port­ers. The ANC is not blind, but is fear­ful of Zuma’s clas­sic Mu­gabe-style threats to each party in­di­vid­ual. Do the right thing. Un­seat South Africa’s Mu­gabe. We still have a shot at be­ing the na­tion Man­dela dreamed of. Stephen Pa­los Gaut­eng A fish rots first from its head. Pe­dro Free State They should be fired and the pres­i­dent should also step down be­cause none of them im­ple­ments ANC poli­cies. It’s time for new lead­er­ship to take the ANC back to the peo­ple.

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