Is it worth not­ing that a white woman hangs out ekasi?

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Mav­ito Gaut­eng While this is a good topic to cre­ate aware­ness, it’s some­how giv­ing the im­pres­sion that we are racist. Why are white ho­bos nei­ther a sur­prise nor a point of dis­cus­sion? Ed­ward Rak­gokong Gaut­eng I think we should live be­yond race. This lady is com­fort­able liv­ing with black peo­ple in the town­ship and she should be re­spected and be left to live her life. I’m proud of her. You go, girl. Big up to you. Yvonne McKeon KwaZulu-Natal There are more im­por­tant is­sues in this coun­try than a young woman lead­ing her own life. Car­men KwaZulu-Natal We de­clared our­selves the rain­bow na­tion and we are groomed to em­brace be­ing the rain­bow na­tion, but as soon as one of us shows rain­bow colours, the very peo­ple who cry out that we should all be treated as one be­come the di­viders. These di­viders will nei­ther em­brace the rain­bow colours nor the prom­ise of the rain­bow be­cause their minds are blind­ing their eyes and all they see is the dif­fer­ence be­tween black and white. Many of these di­viders do not know or even un­der­stand the power of de­mol­ish­ing the apartheid regime and will forever be stuck in this time frame. Be­ing raped is aw­ful and sick­en­ing, but sit­ting on your bed cry­ing for 30 years be­cause you were raped is a crime against your­self. For­give the per­pe­tra­tor, set your­self free and em­brace life. Dankies Mapote Lim­popo As black peo­ple, we al­ways com­plain that whites don’t bother to learn our cul­ture and lan­guages, but here is an agent of change. She wants to break the bound­aries so that we can all get to know one an­other as a na­tion, and what does this young woman get? Re­jec­tion and not only that, but re­minded that she will never be black – she is Kasi Mlungu, not Kasi Darkie. Her iden­tity (white) is still kept in­tact. Let’s al­low them in so that we can un­der­stand them. I love be­ing black. Tebogo Gaut­eng I have a prob­lem with us black peo­ple. We find it some­how un­usual when we see whites hang­ing ekasi. How about blacks who stay in es­tates such as Waterk­loof ? Sello Gaut­eng I be­lieve we all need to change and ac­cept one an­other. She’s do­ing a great thing.

Kasi Mlungu

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