Should we blame for­eign­ers?

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FJohn Mo­jalefa North West or­eign­ers should go back to their coun­tries be­cause, in fu­ture, they will wage war against us. Gov­ern­ment should stop giv­ing these peo­ple per­mits. In their coun­tries, no one can do what they are do­ing – you will be killed or ar­rested.

The po­lice should ar­rest those who dis­played weapons to the me­dia.

The min­is­ter should en­sure that our laws on foreign na­tion­als are strict. Our bor­ders should not al­low ev­ery­one in.

For­eign­ers’ vis­its should be mon­i­tored well. They are too many and the South African gov­ern­ment must learn from other coun­tries such as the US, where for­eign­ers have limited pow­ers. Kgosi Thulo Free State South Africa and South Africans are in dan­ger of los­ing the war if the threat by many for­eign­ers of team­ing up against us be­comes a re­al­ity.

Bet­ter deal with them now than re­gret it later. These peo­ple do not re­spect us one bit; if they did, they would not be threat­en­ing us with re­tal­i­a­tion.

We are their hosts and, if they feel threat­ened, they must just re­turn to their coun­tries and lay a for­mal com­plaint with our em­bassies in their re­spec­tive coun­tries. Sofi via SMS I am sorry, but I don’t like what these guys from Nige­ria are do­ing to our coun­try. I watch them ev­ery day sell­ing drugs to peo­ple – even to school­child­ren – right in front of my work­place. And the po­lice be­friend them. Sad. Malusi Gaut­eng The peo­ple of Tsh­wane and Joburg voted the ANC out of power so they can at­tack fel­low Africans.

Now Africa is re­tal­i­at­ing. Why do we al­low our­selves to be mis­led by un­known com­mu­nity fo­rums on mat­ters of na­tional im­por­tance? Nok­sie Keswa Western Cape Yes, this is a witch-hunt. They are look­ing for a smok­ing gun. It’s pa­thetic. Ntokozo Gaut­eng I think this is a po­lit­i­cal witch-hunt. Those who dig a pit will fall into it them­selves. Thou shalt not touch Pravin Gord­han. Jane Ilunga East­ern Cape It is al­ways in­ter­est­ing to see the se­lec­tive in­ves­ti­ga­tions. If the same cri­te­ria were used for all gov­ern­ment em­ploy­ees and well-con­nected ANC peo­ple, the jails would be full of ANC big­wigs. Leave Jonas alone and stop wast­ing more tax­payer rands. Sies, ANC. So typ­i­cal. P Pi­lane North West Why is there a probe into Jonas just when Brian Molefe has been sworn in as an MP? The at­tempt to purge Gord­han failed, now the gun is aimed at Jonas. We aren’t so stupid that we don’t see the strat­egy to loot Trea­sury. This is part of all Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma’s plans to make way for Molefe to go to Trea­sury; for the Gup­tas to ben­e­fit; and to get nu­clear power sta­tions. Yusuf Omar Gaut­eng What a pa­thetic at­tempt to dis­hon­our some­one with great in­tegrity. I have worked closely with this man, who has given so much to the ad­vance­ment of our coun­try. There is no place in this gov­ern­ment, it seems, for peo­ple who still fight for the ideals we strug­gled for. Leave Jonas alone. Mzi Tau East­ern Cape When will this stop? The ANC is sadly do­ing what I hoped and prayed it would never do – dy­ing a vi­o­lent death. This is a witch-hunt. June Brit­ten Free State The ANC is a dis­grace. Get­ting rid of the good guys like Jonas and Gord­han is leav­ing our Trea­sury open to Zuma and the Gup­tas to cap­ture as­sets. This is what our thug pres­i­dent is aim­ing for. Zuma is a cap­tain of de­cep­tion. He wears his ig­no­rance like a badge of hon­our.

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