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how ef­fi­cient their sys­tems were.

Now that we are in power, not only are our sys­tems in­ef­fi­cient, but we of­ten fail the masses who are still liv­ing in poverty.

To the 17 mil­lion re­cip­i­ents, the social grants saga is not a po­lit­i­cal agenda but a sur­vival agenda.

The peo­ple of Nqwashu said some­thing I know all too well: “Our chil­dren are un­em­ployed. They are sit­ting at home and are sup­ported by us through this grant.”

One might be won­der­ing where my fa­ther was when my grand­mother was strug­gling to make ends meet. Well, he was the 11th mouth that my grand­mother was feed­ing. He woke up every day at dawn and walked 15km to look for a job, un­til the soles of his shoes wore away.

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