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Power of Mboro

Days af­ter the ap­point­ment of Hawks boss Bern­ing Ntle­meza was nul­li­fied by the courts, he turned to con­tro­ver­sial Pas­tor Mboro’s church. At the church, Ntle­meza re­vealed that he, too, was a lay preacher. He could, how­ever, not string a co­her­ent sen­tence to­gether. When Mboro took over the mic, he be­gan by pray­ing for Ntle­meza: “I’m say­ing to you‚ my gen­eral‚ you are un­break­able‚ you are in­dis­putable‚ you are un­cor­rupt­ible‚ you are un­mov­able‚” he said. “Even if a court says it’s over, God can res­ur­rect you to a higher life. It’s not over un­til God says it’s over.” IN GOD WE TRUST Bern­ing Ntle­meza at Pas­tor Mboro’s church

Me­dia heal­ing

Strangely, Ntle­meza had di­rected his “ser­mon” to­wards jour­nal­ists. He made it known that the me­dia needed prayers and heal­ing, and Mboro would ac­cord­ingly pray for them. True to form, Mboro prayed for jour­nal­ists be­cause “some of you have been listed on a credit bureau, some are un­der­paid, some work hard with­out recog­ni­tion”. He con­tin­ued: “We are known be­cause of them, but some are in debt, some have re­la­tion­ship prob­lems, some don’t have cars and their chil­dren are on drugs, and yet they don’t write about them.” Ouch!

Hint, hint JZ

Just days af­ter Num­ber One shouted at par­lia­men­tar­i­ans for ask­ing that So­cial De­vel­op­ment Min­is­ter Batha­bile Dlamini be fired, and then sheep­ishly apol­o­gis­ing two days later, former pres­i­dent Kgalema Mot­lanthe said some­thing that may or may not have a bear­ing on JZ. “If you are a liar and don’t tell the truth, the pun­ish­ment is for peo­ple not to be­lieve you, even when you are telling the truth. Be­cause when you say, ‘No, you know what I was telling you yes­ter­day is not quite the whole truth, but what I am telling you now is the truth’, what do you be­lieve?” Subtweet­ing per­haps?

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