UK par­ents is­sued with dic­tio­nary of sex­ting codes

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Bri­tish po­lice have made avail­able to par­ents a “sex­ting dic­tio­nary” that con­tains code words teenagers use to se­cretly ex­change ex­plicit mes­sages and pho­tos.

Wor­ried of­fi­cers have fig­ured out that teens have de­vel­oped a new lan­guage to KPC – keep par­ents clue­less.

They also fear many fam­i­lies would not know what was go­ing on if they found let­ters on a young­ster’s phone, such as WYRN (what’s your real name), P911 (par­ent alert), LMIRL (let’s meet in real life), MOS (mum over shoul­der), TDTM (talk dirty to me) or IWSN (I want sex now).

Po­lice have com­piled a list of 112 codes that young­sters use while ex­chang­ing lewd im­ages and mes­sages.

They also in­clude NIFOC (nude in front of com­puter), GYPO (get your pants off) and FWB (friends with ben­e­fits).

Ways of warn­ing that mum or dad is around in­clude PAW (par­ents are watch­ing), POS (par­ents over shoul­der) and CD9 (code 9, mean­ing par­ents are around).

Wor­ry­ingly, many are de­signed to ar­range face-to-face meet­ings be­tween strangers, such as WTPA (where the party at), RU/18 (are you over 18), RL (real life) and ADN (any day now). These are just a sam­ple of the most com­mon codes.

Mak­ing par­ents aware of the cryptic mes­sages, which also in­clude drug ref­er­ences, is part of a new ef­fort by the Hum­ber­side Po­lice Author­ity, sit­u­ated in the east of the UK, to curb sex­ting by teens. MailOn­line

COVERT CON­VER­SA­TIONS ‘Hey there, I can’t talk right now – POS. Later, will you GYPO for me?’

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