Are the Hawks drag­ging their feet over the Gupta probe?

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Masan­gane Gaut­eng

The Hawks need to be dis­banded ur­gently be­cause they have been cap­tured. With all the mas­sive re­sources and ex­per­tise at their dis­posal, they are the first peo­ple who should have known about state cap­ture. Thuli Madon­sela, with her lim­ited re­sources, man­aged to ex­pose this cor­rup­tion, which amounts to high trea­son.

Michele Wal­ters Gaut­eng

Why has no one been charged or ar­rested yet? Are the Hawks com­pe­tent? Do they have the po­lit­i­cal will to bring about con­vic­tions, or is this yet another smoke screen?

Abe­gail Yonke Gaut­eng

The Hawks are cap­tured. This has been go­ing on for too long and the Gup­tas still get money from the SA Rev­enue Ser­vice. Peo­ple have sold their souls to the Gup­tas, shred­ding their dig­nity on the way. Gov­ern­ment must strip the Gup­tas of their South African cit­i­zen­ship.

Makola Wa Moat­she via SMS

The Hawks were com­pro­mised by the ap­point­ment of Bern­ing Ntle­meza. As such, in­ves­ti­ga­tions should be con­ducted by an in­de­pen­dent body formed by no­table le­gal ex­perts who don’t work in gov­ern­ment. First of all, Zille did not break any law of the repub­lic. What she high­lighted in her tweet were facts that some blacks do not want to hear. This is com­mon in this coun­try. We can­not hide the fact that Zille worked hard for her party. She is a strong fe­male leader in this na­tion. Again, even if she does apol­o­gise, the mes­sage has been de­liv­ered. What she said is a fact, but it was said at the wrong time to the wrong peo­ple. So, based on this, she must apol­o­gise to those who felt of­fended by her tweet. For the sake of unity and rec­on­cil­i­a­tion, yes, she must apol­o­gise as a leader of a new na­tion in tran­si­tion. Pholo Gaut­eng She should not apol­o­gise. What she is say­ing is the truth. Mmusi, do not sus­pend her for be­ing truth­ful. Jen Scott Gaut­eng The DA is los­ing the plot. What she tweeted about colo­nial­ism, as re­ported, was the truth. Yes, we don’t need/want colo­nial­ism, but many good sys­tems that were in­stalled then have been de­stroyed/ne­glected and the peo­ple are suf­fer­ing. Zille sac­ri­ficed a lot for all our peo­ple.

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