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My name is Mem­ory Oosthuizen. I want to share my amaz­ing jour­ney with you. A jour­ney that started in March 2010 and ended in Au­gust 2016.

Be­fore be­gin­ning my jour­ney, I had many sleep­less nights, toss­ing and turn­ing, wor­ry­ing about how I would be able to re­pay my debt and pro­vide for my spouse and my­self.

At the time I was 56 years old and had just gone through an ex­tremely dif­fi­cult fi­nan­cial pe­riod. On that fate­ful day in March 2010, I was trapped in a quag­mire of debt slowly pulling me in and drown­ing me. I grabbed on to the only life­line I had at that point in time: a debt re­view firm by the name of Debt Res­cue. I have not looked back since.

The im­me­di­ate relief my spouse and I felt af­ter speak­ing to Debt Res­cue was a dream come true. It was all that we had wished for night af­ter sleep­less night.

Like so many other South Africans, we found our­selves in a dire fi­nan­cial po­si­tion due to cir­cum­stances beyond our con­trol. My spouse and I were unem­ployed and sent our CVs out more than 200 times for var­i­ous va­can­cies – to no avail.

We had our re­tire­ment funds paid out at the time, and ap­plied for a sec­ond bond on our property to in­vest in a car­wash busi­ness on the main road in Kemp­ton Park.

Then the eco­nomic cli­mate took a turn for the worse in Oc­to­ber 2008 and as a re­sult our cash flow de­creased dras­ti­cally. We had to start us­ing our credit cards and took out a third bond on our property just to be able to pay wages for our em­ploy­ees, as we felt re­spon­si­ble for their fi­nan­cial well­be­ing.

The to­tal debt amount that we owed was R1.3 mil­lion. Un­for­tu­nately, we could not im­me­di­ately ap­ply for debt re­view as we did not have a sta­ble in­come. We both ob­tained em­ploy­ment in tem­po­rary po­si­tions, and had to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Thank­fully, my spouse and I were then of­fered per­ma­nent po­si­tions, which en­abled us to ap­ply for debt re­view and we could start put­ting our lives back to­gether.

I was read­ing the lo­cal news­pa­per and no­ticed an ad­ver­tise­ment by Debt Res­cue. My spouse and I set up a meet­ing with them, and went to see their debt coun­sel­lor. The staff at Debt Res­cue were so help­ful and pro­fes­sional, and we could see that they had our best in­ter­ests at heart.

Debt Res­cue al­ways kept us up to date on the progress of our ap­pli­ca­tion. From that day in March 2010, our wor­ries were over.

We could sleep again know­ing that we were being as­sisted by the best debt re­view com­pany that was en­sur­ing that we kept our home and our ve­hi­cle. Neil Roets can take pride in the com­pany he es­tab­lished, as well as the peo­ple who work for him.

Our jour­ney was not al­ways an easy one as debt re­view is a life­style which we had to adapt to. We had our ups and downs, but Debt Res­cue was al­ways there to guide us in the right di­rec­tion.

We have learnt so much dur­ing this process and we are still ap­ply­ing these lessons daily. Since we con­tacted Debt Res­cue ev­ery­thing changed for the better. We could pay our debt, and had enough money left at the end of the month to cover all our liv­ing ex­penses.

Our jour­ney ended in fi­nan­cial free­dom in Au­gust 2016. We were is­sued with a clear­ance cer­tifi­cate af­ter all our debts had been set­tled. Our credit records are now clean, and we have no debt.

We buy ev­ery­thing we need in cash, as Debt Res­cue taught us to build a healthy sav­ings ac­count. We are now both re­tired and hap­pier than we have ever been.

To­day I re­gard my­self as an am­bas­sador for the debt re­view process, and reg­u­larly ad­vise fam­ily and friends to con­tact Debt Res­cue for as­sis­tance.

Any per­son who finds them­selves in the same po­si­tion that we found our­selves in should con­tact Debt Res­cue for help on 010 040 7910, email city@deb­tres­cue.co.za or visit


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