Ben Ngubane: an an­gry man

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Pa­trick Gaut­eng I re­mem­ber him as a bel­liger­ent IFP ne­go­tia­tor dur­ing the Kemp­ton Park de­lib­er­a­tions. He’ll go into his grave with that bel­liger­ence. Maxwell KwaZulu-Na­tal Some four years ago, the coun­try was sub­jected to load shed­ding on the pre­text that there was lack of gen­er­at­ing ca­pac­ity. That was not true. Ben Ngubane and his cronies cre­ated a dire sit­u­a­tion to set the stage for paras­tatal cap­ture by the Gup­tas so they, the Gup­tas, could sup­ply sub­stan­dard coal to Eskom on an ur­gent ba­sis af­ter forc­ing the sale of Op­ti­mum Coal to the Gup­tas’ Tegeta com­pany. The rest is his­tory. The shenani­gans of Brian Molefe et al hap­pened un­der Ngubane’s watch. He may now rant and rave and be as an­gry as a tsunami at its most fe­ro­cious, but who cares? He must be held ac­count­able. Malatji Evans via SMS It was time to put an end to the Ngubane-Molefe dic­ta­tor­ship at Eskom. It’s now up to our so­called pres­i­dent, Ja­cob Zuma, to over­see the whole process. Al­li­son Gaut­eng He should be in­ves­ti­gated. He’s been badly com­pro­mised. Joe Gaut­eng Ben Ngubane must be held ac­count­able for his roles at the SABC, Transnet and Eskom. As chair­per­son, he ap­pointed the prox­ies for the Gup­tas. Thu­lani Nx­ele KwaZulu-Na­tal Dr Ngubane must be held ac­count­able for his role at Eskom. There are al­le­ga­tions for him to an­swer. P Pi­lane North West Ngubane’s de­par­ture is a clear in­di­ca­tion of his in­volve­ment in cor­rup­tion with the Gup­tas at Eskom. The fact that his yes man can­not re­place his loyal friend in col­lu­sion, Brian Molefe, means that the mis­sion to com­plete the cap­ture of Eskom will not be ac­com­plished. Let him go, to avoid fur­ther cri­sis.

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