ANC fac­tions could abuse pol­icy con­fer­ence

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Am­mon ka Msu­lumane Mhaule Mpumalanga The term “rad­i­cal eco­nomic trans­for­ma­tion” has been used on ev­ery plat­form by ev­ery se­nior mem­ber of the gov­ern­ing party. It has be­come a joke to South Africans. Talk­ing is easy and sim­ple, but ac­tion is dif­fi­cult. Who­ever made the term pop­u­lar within the ANC gave the mem­bers of the party a term that we are now be­ing served daily, like break­fast.

The word ‘rad­i­cal’ means af­fect­ing the fun­da­men­tal na­ture of some­thing, ‘eco­nomic’ means re­lat­ing to eco­nomics or the econ­omy and ‘trans­for­ma­tion’ means a marked change in form, na­ture, ap­pear­ance.

If Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma wants to be pres­i­dent, I be­lieve she will have to re­frain from us­ing these words and con­duct her own cam­paign based on the re­al­i­ties faced by so­ci­ety and the sit­u­a­tion in our coun­try. We do not need terms. So­ci­ety needs tan­gi­ble things that can help us un­der­stand where we are go­ing. Our coun­try is fac­ing a dis­as­ter and we need prompt ac­tion to pre­vent this. Don Mzekand­aba Gaut­eng Dlamini-Zuma’s down­fall is sim­ply that she has a bad last name. If she suc­ceeds through the use of Zupta tac­tics, it will be the end of the ANC as we know it to­day. Le­sibe Nawa Mpumalanga Pro­vin­cial ANC struc­tures are work­ing hard to come up with poli­cies that will change the lives of our peo­ple. We also wish to see these poli­cies im­ple­mented by those in gov­ern­ment. The pol­icy con­fer­ence will be a huge suc­cess. Poli­cies are the main pri­or­ity, noth­ing else. Sizwe Fono East­ern Cape I think the ANC should look at reg­u­lat­ing land own­er­ship by plac­ing a limit on the hectares in­di­vid­u­als are per­mit­ted to own. The rest must be given back to the gov­ern­ment for shar­ing among those in need. Let­ladi Mphahlele Gaut­eng We are tired of crime, cor­rup­tion, short sen­tences given to crim­i­nals, the in­flux of un­doc­u­mented im­mi­grants and drugs in this coun­try. In 2019 we are not go­ing to vote for a party be­cause it lib­er­ated us; we are go­ing to check what poli­cies they are go­ing to im­ple­ment in gov­ern­ment. Yes, I agree the es­tate must be equally dis­trib­uted among his chil­dren and lat­est wife be­cause I don’t think all that be­longs to one woman. As for Gogo? No! Go back home Mama Ngubani.

Sinie Gaut­eng

It is a disgrace that an 84-year-old lady should be man­han­dled and pushed out on to the street by a sher­iff and six men. It is un­ac­cept­able be­hav­iour. Six men and two grand­sons? This is a disgrace. Is this the way a “sher­iff” works? Aikona! Please in­ves­ti­gate.

Bichard Mgaga Gaut­eng

The late min­is­ter’s mother is an op­por­tunist and a sadist. She took ad­van­tage of a mis­un­der­stand­ing be­tween Sicelo Shiceka and his wife. When her son passed on, she be­lieved that was the op­por­tu­nity to ben­e­fit from the es­tate, which ac­tu­ally be­longs to the chil­dren. Let her re­lo­cate to her house in the East­ern Cape.

Vuk­ile Mbaxa East­ern Cape

I think No­mam­pondo should go to her East­ern Cape home which was built by her son, Shiceka.

Molefe Mat­lou via SMS

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