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The po­ten­tial fall­out of the Con­sti­tu­tional Court rul­ing against the labour bro­kers is hard to pre­dict.

“Prac­ti­cally, you will prob­a­bly see a culling of tem­po­rary em­ploy­ment ser­vice com­pa­nies if they lose,” said Jorge.

“I am not say­ing it is bad in the long run, but it will prob­a­bly sti­fle em­ploy­ment ... This is not a philo­soph­i­cal de­bate, it is an eco­nomic one.”

If the sole em­ployer ar­gu­ment wins, it means labour bro­kers will legally be re­struc­tured to true tem­po­rary work in most in­stances.

“There is no doubt labour bro­kers are good for the econ­omy,” said Kirch­mann. “This idea that all the labour bro­ker work­ers will get taken in by the clients is a fal­lacy. It will be only a share of them.”


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