Voice record­ings re­veal Nico Mat­lala ver­bally abus­ing a string of well-known exes, but he says they are just be­ing bit­ter

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It could be a script from a drama that some of the char­ac­ters were ac­tors in. A play­boy leaves trail of bro­ken hearts. When the body count mounts, the cast-off women turn on him. Ac­cu­sa­tions of lies, fraud, witch­craft, forced abor­tion, un­paid debt and even es­pi­onage fly. The real-life drama that has been play­ing out in Gaut­eng’s sub­urbs over the past year in­volves flam­boy­ant busi­ness­man Nico Mat­lala and a string of women who in­clude for­mer Gen­er­a­tions ac­tresses Winnie Nt­shaba and Palesa Madis­ak­wane, as well as a domestic worker, a per­sonal as­sis­tant and busi­ness­women.

Mat­lala is the ex-fi­ancé of the mu­si­cian Ke­abetswe “KB” Mot­si­lanyane, whom he un­cer­e­mo­ni­ously dumped a year ago.

City Press is in pos­ses­sion of voice record­ings and What­sApp mes­sages be­tween Mat­lala and the women in which ac­cu­sa­tions fly and vile lan­guage is used.

The 35-year old Mat­lala has in­ter­ests in the con­struc­tion and IT sec­tors, among oth­ers.

Palesa’s hurt

Mat­lala’s three-month whirl­wind ro­mance with for­mer Gospel Gold pre­sen­ter Madis­ak­wane, who is cur­rently a news an­chor on ANN7, ended badly with ac­cu­sa­tions of witch­craft and in­sults fly­ing all over the place.

Mat­lala seems to have cre­ated a rift be­tween the two for­mer Gen­er­a­tions ac­tresses soon af­ter Madis­ak­wane in­tro­duced him to Nt­shaba for busi­ness pur­poses.

Speak­ing to City Press, Madis­ak­wane, who hooked up with Mat­lala ear­lier this year and broke up with him at the end of June, said their whirl­wind ro­mance started go­ing south when Mat­lala wanted them to move in to­gether.

“Nico got an­gry with me be­cause I told him that we should take things slowly. He wanted me to move in with my kids to his place and I re­fused,” she said.

Things got worse when she re­moved their pic­tures from Instagram.

“All hell broke loose and he dumped me. I cried as I didn’t want to move from one man to an­other, and I begged him not to do this.” He ac­cused her of leak­ing sto­ries about him. In one of the voice record­ings, Mat­lala could be heard in­sult­ing Madis­ak­wane re­fer­ring to her pri­vate parts and also call­ing her a witch.

She said Mat­lala then “tried to make a move on Winnie” and set the pals on each other.

“He tried to cause a fight be­tween me and Winnie. Nico told me that Winnie said this and that about me, and I be­came fool­ish and be­lieved him. I wanted to hit back at my friend be­cause I was de­fend­ing my­self from her as she wanted to de­stroy me, as per Nico’s lies,” she said.

In one record­ing, Madis­ak­wane is heard telling Mat­lala that Nt­shaba was a witch who had gone to a san­goma to try to be­witch her. Ques­tioned about this, Madis­ak­wane said:

“It is not true that Winnie was be­witch­ing me. I was hit­ting back be­cause Nico told me that Winnie had told him that I was a witch aim­ing to be­witch him.”

Madis­ak­wane claims that Mat­lala had once asked her how much the Gup­tas were pay­ing her as a news an­chor and pro­ducer on ANN7, in­di­cat­ing that he wanted to bor­row money.

An­other con­trib­u­tor to their bad break-up was that she had told him to lose weight.

“He sent me that voice note swear­ing at me be­cause I told him to lose weight as his body looked like that of a woman with hips.”

Madis­ak­wane also claims that Mat­lala had im­preg­nated his PA – a young woman from New­cas­tle. She said he had told her to abort and

given her R1 500 to take the next bus to New­cas­tle.

She also al­leges that he had an af­fair with a helper “and when peo­ple found out, he chased her away”.

Mat­lala categorically de­nies all of this.

We were played by a small boy

Nt­shaba backed Madis­ak­wane’s story.

“We were be­ing played here. He would tell me this about Palesa, and there­after, off he went to tell Palesa things about me. We can’t al­low a small boy to come here and want us to fight over him, as that would never hap­pen; we are grown women in our for­ties. We can’t al­low our names, which we worked hard for, to be dragged through the mud like this, not now and not ever,” she said. Gaut­eng busi­ness­woman Phumzile Shezi, who once lived with Mat­lala at the lux­ury Mid­stream Es­tate in Cen­tu­rion, said Mat­lala ex­ag­ger­ated his wealth and claimed that she had fi­nanced his life­style.

Among other things, she claimed that she paid rent for the Mid­stream Es­tate house and had reg­is­tered her Land Rover in his name as she didn’t have a driver’s li­cence. She said some of the cars Mat­lala posted on so­cial me­dia be­longed to his dates. “I left my hus­band for him af­ter he sweettalked me. I left Nico when he de­manded R50 000 from me,” said Shezi.

An­other woman who found love and then pain af­ter cross­ing paths with Mat­lala is en­tre­pre­neur Palesa Mthembu.

“We were in busi­ness to­gether and later we dated,” said Mthembu.

Things soured when Mat­lala sold her a Mini Cooper for R70 000, for which she paid cash.

“I was not aware that the car was not his [un­til] the woman who owned it took it [back]. I couldn’t open the case as I felt that he would use in­for­ma­tion against me. He dis­ap­peared with my money in April,” she said.

An­other woman who broke up with Mat­lala af­ter a busi­ness and per­sonal re­la­tion­ship went awry re­fused to com­ment. In the voice record­ings, it emerged that she lost R500 000 af­ter Mat­lala ad­vised her to visit a san­goma to for­tify her­self against an­other busi­ness part­ner, who al­legedly wanted to kill her.

“I am not go­ing to talk about Nico and that’s my com­ment,” she said.

Two min­utes later, Mat­lala phoned City Press and put the woman on a con­fer­ence call in which he de­nied that he and the woman were fight­ing and in­sisted they were still busi­ness part­ners.

“The prob­lem is that those women you are talk­ing to gang up against me be­cause they want to de­stroy me,” he said.

The woman de­clined to com­ment fur­ther. Pre­to­ria busi­ness­woman Pinky Maredi said she had met Mat­lala on the high­way in Fe­bru­ary, “and in the sec­ond week he in­vited me to his house”. In March, he bor­rowed R60 000, say­ing some­one was su­ing him.

“He paid me R20 000 and I am speak­ing to my lawyers to get my re­main­ing R40 000. He tried to make a move on me and I told him to back off.”

Mat­lala hits back

An an­gry Mat­lala warned that if he ex­posed the se­crets of Nt­shaba, Shezi, Madis­ak­wane, Mthembu and Tutu, “they will all end up in jail”.

“If they want to take me down, I will re­veal ev­ery­thing about their shady busi­nesses. I have sub­mit­ted ev­ery­thing to my lawyer as I have re­alised that I am deal­ing with bit­ter women... I will re­veal all their dirt as they are shady as hell,” he said.

Mat­lala ad­mit­ted that he dated Mthembu and had been in busi­ness with her, but said “she had is­sues when she heard that I am also dat­ing Phumzile”. He de­nied re­ceiv­ing any money from her and said he se­cured her a car and a driver’s li­cence. He said he paid for Nt­shaba’s gro­ceries and DStv “be­cause she is broke” and had given her his BMW to drive when her car’s air bags “blew up”.

“I slept with Winnie at my house. Ev­ery­thing is recorded and I will re­veal them once they try to out­smart me,” he said.

Re­gard­ing his re­la­tion­ship with his PA, he said she “was a spy in my house and she col­luded with Phumzile to de­stroy me”.

He said he kicked her out of his house “af­ter she slept with some guy who is a dancer” and fell preg­nant. Mat­lala ac­cused Maredi of be­ing “an­other one who is bit­ter”, ad­mit­ting that they had a forex busi­ness to­gether. He chal­lenged all the women “to make a list of ev­ery­thing they want and I will pay them”.

New love in his life

Mat­lala is now dat­ing Le­bo­hang Mabe, the ex­girl­friend of celebrity stylist Shaun Stylist.

“I can con­firm that I am now dat­ing Le­bo­hang,” he said.

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