The war of words

CityPress - - News - Voice note of Nico Mat­lala to Phumzile Shezi

You see now you com­ing with sh*t, Palesa, be­cause I see you don’t have brakes. Don’t come here and talk p*ssy and sh*t. If you’re here sh*tting and busy talk­ing p*ssy, I am not f*cken afraid of you. I will f*cken em­bar­rass your f*cken ass. They told me about your life, that you are a witch. If I dumped you, I dumped you, jou mo­ersk*nt. Don’t be for­ward,

cker.’ you moth­erf* Voice note from Nico Mat­lala to Palesa Madis­ak­wane

‘ It’s okay Nico, you in­sulted me be­cause of sh*t and my p*ssy, which we had fun with. It’s fine, I am at peace and may God be with you. If I be­witch peo­ple, I be­witch through prayer, so may God bless you.’

Voice note of Palesa Madis­ak­wane to Nico Mat­lala

‘ I won’t say good morn­ing, be­cause I don’t know what is good about this morn­ing. I am gonna say a few words to you, Winnie. I put it to you that I won’t work with a per­son like you, be­cause you are an evil per­son. Un­galinge ungi­jwayele amasimba. I will ex­pose your ass. I f*cken paid your DStv and gro­ceries. The way you were talk­ing about me, I will f*cken de­stroy you. N*gga, you don’t know me like that. Don’t f*ck with me. It’s not my fault that you are broke. Make your shit.’ shit, your Voice note from Nico Mat­lala to Winnie Nt­shaba

‘ You must re­mem­ber the deal we had. I only gave you the job be­cause you said your mother works for the depart­ment of trans­port and she was go­ing to give us ten­ders. You planted peo­ple to spy on me.’ me and you worked with helper to de­stroy Voice note from Nico Mat­lala to the preg­nant PA, Tutu

‘ You know what is sad about you, Phumzile, you have lied that I am broke. You go around telling peo­ple that you bought a car, which I bought my­self. Sies, Phumzile, you gave birth at the pub­lic hos­pi­tal hid­ing at the cor­ner so that peo­ple won’t see you. sies.’

You are busy cry­ing for my car, Voice note of Nico Mat­lala to Phumzile Shezi.

‘ Lis­ten sis­ter mthakathi [witch], I think it’s about time for me to teach you a les­son. It’s on as you thought that I was afraid of you, wena so­cial me­dia mar­ket­ing sgubhu, you have been telling peo­ple that lies.’ you bought a house and a car,

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