How will you vote, Lindiwe Sisulu?

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cap­ture and loot­ing of pub­lic re­sources at the hands of peo­ple who vowed to pro­tect and uphold our Con­sti­tu­tion.

This broke my heart be­cause I knew what sac­ri­fices our par­ents made for democ­racy to be­come a re­al­ity.

I com­mented from the side­lines. I wrote ar­ti­cles in the press. I voiced my dis­com­fort un­til I couldn’t any more.

Un­til, about a year ago, I rolled up my sleeves and joined the DA.

I stood for elec­tion as mayor in Ekurhu­leni where, to­gether with other op­po­si­tion par­ties, we brought the ANC be­low 50%.

I lost the may­oral elec­tion by a small mar­gin, in the very heartland of the ANC that re­flects the mas­sive dis­con­tent of vot­ers with an ANC that has sul­lied its soul.

A year later I tran­si­tioned to Par­lia­ment and I now sit across from you.

I watched with mixed feel­ings as you launched your pres­i­den­tial cam­paign re­cently.

This was be­cause I won­dered how you would po­si­tion your­self as a leader that would bring about change con­sid­er­ing you served un­der one of the most cor­rupt lead­ers in demo­cratic South Africa.

I am still won­der­ing how you in­tend to over­come this im­pos­si­ble feat.

I would like you to de­tail how you would pull South Africa out of a crip­pling re­ces­sion, re­turn hope to the mil­lions of South Africans who re­main un­em­ployed while bil­lions of rands ex­change hands among the cor­rupt few.

Given the road you, me and our re­spec­tive fam­i­lies have trav­elled and our ex­po­sure to real and au­then­tic lead­er­ship, how will you fare?

Lindiwe, as we draw closer to August 8, when Par­lia­ment will con­sider the DA’s mo­tion of no con­fi­dence in Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma, I sin­cerely hope you will do the right thing.

If not for the peo­ple of South Africa, then for the sake of con­sis­tency of your cam­paign. How will you vote?

Will you hon­our the mem­ory of your par­ents and the legacy they have left be­hind?

Will you vote for the Na­tional As­sem­bly to fi­nally rid this county of a leader who has – with the help of many oth­ers on the ANC benches – plunged us into one cri­sis af­ter an­other?

Or will you do the right thing – choose South Africa over the ANC?

I sin­cerely hope that the peo­ple of this coun­try will mat­ter to you more than your per­sonal am­bi­tions.

Wal­ter Sisulu and Amina Cachalia

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