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As a di­rec­tor in Gaut­eng’s ed­u­ca­tion depart­ment, Ab­ner Mosaase’s day job in­volves sup­port­ing youth en­trepreneur­ship and skills devel­op­ment. But at night, he is one of the chief lob­by­ists for Deputy Pres­i­dent Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC pres­i­den­tial cam­paign.

Ev­ery Fri­day, Mosaase drives from Gaut­eng to places such as Her­manus in the West­ern Cape, Prieska in the North­ern Cape, Mar­ble Hall in Lim­popo and Ross Mis­sion in the East­ern Cape, where he shares the stage with se­nior cam­paign lead­ers and speaks to ANC mem­bers about why Ramaphosa’s elec­tion at the na­tional con­fer­ence in De­cem­ber is a “make or break” for the gov­ern­ing party.

Some­times the cam­paign meet­ings are in Gaut­eng, so he does the spade­work dur­ing the week. “We are all over,” he says. “We op­er­ate like the holy spirit.” In sum­ming up the mes­sage of the #CR17 cam­paign, he says: “We need to de­feat the quadru­ple ills that will col­lapse the ANC – greed, crass ma­te­ri­al­ism, con­spic­u­ous con­sump­tion and os­ten­ta­tious­ness.

“So, we are re­claim­ing the ANC’s core val­ues.”

Mosaase wants gov­ern­ment to work for the peo­ple, not for the “par­a­sitic pa­tron­age net­work of the Gup­tas”, friends of Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma. He also wants to put a stop to “the high lev­els of cor­rup­tion en­trenched in gov­ern­ment”.

He warns that if the ANC takes the wrong path in De­cem­ber, it will die a nat­u­ral death like the Pan African­ist Congress and the Aza­nian Peo­ple’s Or­gan­i­sa­tion.

He be­moans the rad­i­cal eco­nomic trans­for­ma­tion rhetoric of Nkosazana DlaminiZuma’s #NDZ17 cam­paign, say­ing it stands for “rad­i­cal eco­nomic an­ar­chy”.

“We do not need rad­i­cal eco­nomic an­ar­chy punted by Dlamini-Zuma, who wants to take us the Zim­babwe route. We want rad­i­cal eco­nomic trans­for­ma­tion led by ‘thought lead­ers’ and not ‘body lead­ers’, who come with many peo­ple and think they are lead­ing.”

He con­cedes that one of the suc­cesses of the #NDZ17 cam­paign, as­sisted by Zuma, has been the in­tro­duc­tion of the de­bate on “white monopoly cap­i­tal” in the ANC. So pow­er­ful has the de­bate be­come, ANC mem­bers of­ten re­quest the Ramaphosa camp to ex­plain its po­si­tion on the sub­ject.

Mosaase says: “We are be­ing asked if there is anything called white monopoly cap­i­tal. Of course there is, but there is also monopoly cap­i­tal. And in the con­text of South Africa, be­cause of colo­nial­ism of a spe­cial type, the op­pres­sor and the op­pressed lived to­gether. There­fore, race re­la­tions had a role to play in the econ­omy.

“But you can­not say that in In­dia or Uganda or Nige­ria monopoly cap­i­tal is white, be­cause it may be black.

“So, in ide­o­log­i­cal terms there is no white monopoly cap­i­tal, but monopoly cap­i­tal. But be­cause it ex­ists in South Africa, we ac­knowl­edge that it is there.”

He says Ramaphosa is the best per­son to lead the quest to re­claim the ANC’s val­ues.

“He is the best be­cause he is the only one armed with all three as­pects that will make so­ci­ety suc­ceed: he is a for­mer worker leader; he is armed with an un­der­stand­ing of the law; and he is a busi­ness­man.

“So, we are bring­ing [to the fore] a holis­tic per­son who un­der­stands that gov­ern­ment busi­ness and civil so­ci­ety should op­er­ate in a par­al­lel but equal way to sal­vage our peo­ple from con­di­tions of des­ti­tu­tion and squalor.”

Mosaase says the Ramaphosa cam­paign marks a makeor-break mo­ment for the ANC.

“If Ramaphosa does not win, we should know that so­ci­ety is go­ing to pun­ish us.”


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