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Western Cape he com­mu­ni­ties must get their land. The king, one man, should not de­ter­mine the fu­ture for thou­sands of peo­ple. Free the peo­ple from this out­dated sys­tem which does not ben­e­fit com­mu­ni­ties or have the peo­ple’s in­ter­ests at heart. Self-de­ter­mi­na­tion pro­vides the peo­ple with the will to de­ter­mine their own fu­tures. Damn tribal laws, viva democ­racy!



The king is a greedy despot who al­ready con­trols more than 2 mil­lion hectares of land. Give the land to the com­mu­ni­ties and al­low them the free­dom to thrive.

K Olivier

Free State

I think the land should go to the com­mu­ni­ties who have been fight­ing for it and not to the king. This will en­able them to farm the land and gen­er­ate in­come, be­com­ing self-suf­fi­cient and con­tribut­ing to the fis­cus.

J Tay­lor

Western Cape

The land must go to the com­mu­nity and not the king.

Sizwe Fono

Eastern Cape

The land be­longs to the com­mu­nity un­der the con­trol of the Tribal Author­ity, but com­mu­ni­ties should have ac­cess to the land and ben­e­fit from it with­out any harm.

Joe Mabunda


Ob­vi­ously the land should be given to the com­mu­ni­ties but un­for­tu­nately there’s go­ing to be a blood bath as too many Zu­lus are brain-dead – they wor­ship the king.

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king op­posed to land ex­pro­pri­a­tion and I tried to ex­plain to him that ar­range­ments deny him the own­er­ship of his land in Nkandla.

He was adamant that they fought for that land, there­fore it must be un­der the In­gonyama Trust.

Kgosientsho R Ramok­gopa


The king is cor­rect. The land be­longs to the In­gonyama Trust. The act in ques­tion grants tra­di­tional lead­ers over­ride rights as sole claimants, pre­clud­ing kings and se­nior tra­di­tional lead­ers from lay­ing land claims.

I think if this is to con­tinue all land in tra­di­tional com­mu­ni­ties will be Balka­nised, mark­ing the demise of tra­di­tional lead­er­ship.

Many laws deal­ing with land is­sues are not well made in my hum­ble view.



The land be­longs to all of us, the peo­ple. Not to any king or monarch. Even the land un­der the con­trol of the In­gonyama Trust be­longs to the peo­ple. Tra­di­tional lead­ers must not be able to play pol­i­tics with our land.

They shall not turn our lives into that of An­i­mal Farm. Should the peo­ple be able to sell land? Only if there are no chil­dren and ex­tended fam­ily on to which the land can be passed.



The king is now greedy. The land should be­long to the com­mu­nity. It is sim­ple.


Eastern Cape

I think the king is selfish, he wants to be rich alone while the Zulu peo­ple are suf­fer­ing. He failed to de­fend them when they were evicted.

Mafika Khu­malo


The In­gonyama Trust is like state cap­ture. This trust must be dis­solved as it is the prop­erty of Zwelithini. What about the poor peo­ple he is steal­ing from? Let the clever Zu­lus fight for what be­longs to them.



This so-called king thinks he owns KwaZulu-Natal. His ac­tions are ex­actly as the pre­vi­ous apartheid gov­ern­ment ex­er­cised and the ANC gov­ern­ment is danc­ing to his tune. This is ut­ter non­sense.



The land should go to the com­mu­ni­ties who have fought for it.

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