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In the USA

The Vic­to­rian Stumpery at the Rhodo­den­dron Species Botan­i­cal Gar­den in Wash­ing­ton is one of the largest pub­lic stumperies, with over 140 stumps and logs. 8 rhody­gar­ In the UK

The stumpery at Bid­dulph Grange, Stafford­shire. Built in the 1850s, it’s be­lieved to be the first stumpery ever cre­ated. 8 na­tion­al­

A re­cent ad­di­tion to the

Burnby Hall Gar­dens in York­shire, in­spired by Prince Charles’ stumpery on his High­grove Estate. 8 burn­by­hall­gar­

HRH Prince Charles’ gar­den at High­grove, in Glouces­ter­shire, is the largest stumpery in the

UK. It was de­signed by Ju­lian and Is­abel Ban­ner­man. 8 high­grove­g­ar­

Ick­worth Stumpery, in Suf­folk, is part of a larger, Ital­ianate-style gar­den. It boasts stumps up­rooted dur­ing the Second World War. 8 na­tion­al­

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