Condé Nast House & Garden - - DESIGN NOTES -

This mod­ern, chapel-like tower is quite a lot of trou­ble to go to for a loo, but, as sil­vio points out, the cot­tage uses ab­strac­tion in var­i­ous in­stances to ques­tion con­ven­tions. above all, it is a dra­matic demon­stra­tion that the small and ap­par­ently triv­ial can be treated as pro­found and al­most sa­cred. de­spite be­ing a tiny cot­tage, and be­yond that, just the bath­room in a tiny cot­tage, mo­ments of peace, beauty and thought­ful con­tem­pla­tion arise. There’s a grandeur to the space, al­beit quite re­strained and min­i­mal­ist. The van­ity slab is asym­met­ri­cal, like the tower it­self, and the cop­per slid­ing door, mir­ror and port­hole win­dow con­trast with the raw con­crete.

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