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Rachael Steel trans­forms into Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe, Dorothy from

Bugs Bunny’s girl­friend, the host of a stunt-driver show and an Austin Pow­ers ‘babe’. I come out and do my first meet-and-greet as Mar­i­lyn on the vent, from The Seven Year Itch. I then have a cos­tume change and host a Looney Tunes dance party.

‘Af­ter lunch, we go straight into the Mar­i­lyn show, a three-song-and dance-per­for­mance, then we do a Great Gatsby per­for­mance. Fol­low­ing that, I do a Dorothy mee­tand-greet and then a few chap­er­one sec­tions (I’ll go out as my­self and take out some of the Looney Tunes char­ac­ters for meet-and­greets). I host the pa­rade at the very end, which is at 3.30pm; then it’s home time.

‘Be­ing in a role at Movie World doesn’t mean you just speak like your char­ac­ter – it means re­spond­ing the way they would. From the minute I step onto the street, I be­come my char­ac­ter. I get to do what I love, which is amaz­ing! By far the best part is see­ing how happy all the chil­dren are. When some­one comes up to me and says, “My child will never for­get to­day,” that’s the big­gest re­ward.’ On the mar­ket-re­search side we look at the dif­fer­ent in­sights into mas­tur­ba­tion, sex and plea­sure – what peo­ple want to el­e­vate their sex lives. Sex is a part of our health and well­ness; it’s in­te­gral to our hap­pi­ness and well­be­ing.

‘I’ve been with We-Vibe for al­most four and a half years. Af­ter grad­u­at­ing from univer­sity I knew I had to work for this sex­pos­i­tive com­pany. Any time I have wine with the girls, it turns into a full-blown sex con­ver­sa­tion. The cork is popped and the sex con­ver­sa­tion flows!

‘What I’m so priv­i­leged to do ev­ery day is talk to peo­ple about sex in a way that isn’t in­tim­i­dat­ing. It gives peo­ple the chance to ask ques­tions and get a non­judg­men­tal re­sponse.

‘I do get a few raised eye­brows, though. One of the most mem­o­rable ex­pe­ri­ences last year was when I was go­ing from Canada to the US, and I was at the cus­toms border. Usu­ally I get a thou­sand ques­tions about what I’m do­ing, and most of the time I can an­swer the ques­tions with­out say­ing I work for a vi­bra­tor com­pany. But in this par­tic­u­lar case I had an older gen­tle­man grilling me – and in the end I had to say I’m the global pas­sion am­bas­sador for a com­pany called We-Vibe and that our flag­ship prod­uct is the cou­ples vi­bra­tor. He threw my pass­port up in the air, my board­ing pass went fly­ing, and he said, “I don’t know about a young girl get­ting in­volved in this kind of thing…” His face was so red. You can tell within a cou­ple sec­onds of meet­ing some­one how they’ll feel about your job.

‘I have great ac­cess to sex toys, and I have a long line of girl­friends want­ing to test them. My part­ner is also very ea­ger when I bring home home­work. I’m not sure I could tell you how many toys I have. I’ve never counted them.

‘My day usu­ally starts with check­ing in with our pro­to­type testers to fig­ure out whether a prod­uct we’re test­ing is meet­ing the cri­te­ria we want to achieve, how it is func­tion­ing, and re­port­ing back on what needs to be tweaked and how to ad­just it to bet­ter suit it for plea­sure. I’m for­tu­nate to be able to talk about sex all day – who doesn’t want to do that? It’s an im­por­tant con­ver­sa­tion. Get­ting to shed taboos is im­por­tant – but hear­ing the anec­dotes from peo­ple who have used (and ben­e­fited from) sex toys is the most fulfi lling.’

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