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It’s not our fault, re­ally. We blame the (en­tirely made up) 15% rule, which clearly states that if you chop off less than 15% of your pre-cut length, the male brain won’t reg­is­ter a change. The same goes for sub­tle colour jobs. It’s prac­ti­cally sci­ence!

But se­ri­ously, there is some ac­tual re­search be­hind why we never no­tice your new side-swept fringe. It’s a phe­nom­e­non called change blind­ness, in which an observer (aka your mate) fails to per­ceive an al­ter­ation to a vis­ual stim­u­lus (your hair), es­pe­cially when the switch-up doesn’t hap­pen in plain sight (as in, he didn’t go to the sa­lon with you). That’s why you leave the house a brunette, re­turn with om­bre, and we just stare at you like you’re a Magic Eye poster. We want to see your tex­tured lob – we just can’t.

That said, if you’ve ex­ceeded the 15% rule or tried out lumo hair dyes and we don’t of­fer an opin­ion, we as­sume you don’t want to talk about it. Un­til you give us the green light, we’ll stick with ‘Is that a new dress? You look amaz­ing.’

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