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How to blur out skin con­cerns with colour cor­rec­tors

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Colour the­ory

Re­mem­ber the ‘colour wheel’ in high-school art lessons? Well, that’s the se­cret to mas­ter­ing colour-cor­rec­tion – it works on the same prin­ci­ples as the colour wheel.

Prime base

Use a face primer to cre­ate a smooth, clear base for con­cealer. Primers hold foun­da­tion in place and help cover up im­per­fec­tions such as vis­i­ble pores.

TRY UR­BAN DE­CAY Ur­ban De­fense Com­plex­ion Primer (R600); DIOR Fix It Colour 2-In-1 Prime & Colour Cor­rect Face-Eyes-Lips (R580);

CATRICE Prime And Fine Pore Re­fin­ing Anti- Shine Base (R92,95)

Dif­fer­ent for­mu­las

Cream cor­rec­tors such as MAC Stu­dio Con­ceal And Cor­rect Pal­ette (R510) are more pig­mented and richer in con­sis­tency. Liq­uid cor­rec­tors such as NYX HD Pho­to­genic Con­cealer (R120) and Stila One Step Cor­rect Skin Tone Cor­rect­ing & Bright­en­ing Serum (R460) are lighter in con­sis­tency and cov­er­age than stick cor­rec­tors such as Smash­box Color Cor­rect­ing Stick (R390), which are also creamy and pig­mented.

De­cod­ing the colours

Green If your skin is prone to rosacea or acne, green con­ceal­ers will coun­ter­act ex­treme red­ness and neu­tralise skin tone.

Yel­low To nix dark cir­cles un­der eyes, ap­ply a yel­low cor­rec­tor to the area and gen­tly blend it in with a sponge. Fin­ish with a loose face pow­der that matches your com­plex­ion.

Or­ange/peach/red On olive and medium-dark skin, blem­ishes may have a green­ish tint. Peach and or­ange – com­ple­men­tary to green on the colour wheel – are per­fect for these skin tones.

Lilac and pur­ple Use these shades to cor­rect spots and yel­low un­der­tones on dull, sal­low skin. You can also ap­ply them un­der your reg­u­lar con­cealer.

TRY MAX FAC­TOR CC Colour Cor­rec­tor: The Balancer (R230) Dark; LA GIRL Pro Con­ceal HD HighDef­i­ni­tion Con­cealer (R59,95 each) Or­ange, Yel­low and Green

Blend it in

For best re­sults, leave the colour con­cealer on skin for a few min­utes be­fore ap­ply­ing foun­da­tion to al­low it to set prop­erly. To cre­ate a con­cealer clos­est in colour to your ac­tual skin tone, mix two com­ple­men­tary colours (such as red and green, blue and or­ange, or yel­low and pur­ple) un­til the shade matches your skin as closely as pos­si­ble.

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