8 Min­utes to Toned A full-body work­out to tighten up ev­ery­thing


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Kar­lie, Gigi, Ken­dall… Name any celeb with a smok­ing-hot body, and it’s likely she hit the box­ing ring to hone it. ‘ere are many ben­e­fits to box­ing,’ says UK trainer So­phie Everard, whose box­ing HIIT work­outs are a cult suc­cess. ‘It burns fat and boosts core strength.’ But you don’t have to glove up and hit the punch­ing bag – Everard’s work­out can be done at home with dumb­bells and your own body weight. Add it to your gym rou­tine – and pre­pare to get hooked.

STEP 1 Jab, cross

Tar­gets Shoul­ders, chest, tri­ceps, bi­ceps, core 1

Get into box­ing stance: stand with feet shoul­der­width apart, left foot for­ward with your feet at 45°. Hold both hands in front of your chin and be­low your ears to ‘guard’. (If you’re left-handed, it’s the op­po­site.)

Ex­tend left arm to punch, and ex­hale. Lead with your knuck­les. Re­tract hand.

Once hands are back in po­si­tion, punch with the right hand. Pivot through the knee, turn­ing hips and torso into the punch.

Re­tract im­me­di­ately to guarded stance. Re­peat for two min­utes.

TIP Punch­ing into the air is known as ‘shadow box­ing’. With­out a bag for im­pact, be sure to punch as hard as pos­si­ble!

STEP 2 Two left hooks to the head and body Tar­gets Shoul­ders, chest, tri­ceps, core 1

Take a box­ing stance, knees bent, fists up by chin in guard po­si­tion.

Ro­tate your body as you swing your left arm into a 90° an­gle, punch­ing a hor­i­zon­tal arc. Turn­ing through the toes, lift the left heel to push into the punch.

Re­tract the fist on ‘im­pact’ and fol­low with a hook tar­get­ing the body lower down. Ex­hale with ev­ery punch. Drive into it by ro­tat­ing on the feet and through the hips. Re­peat for two min­utes.

STEP 3 Pike push-ups Tar­gets Chest, shoul­ders 1

Get into push-up po­si­tion on the floor, with hands shoul­der­width apart and arms straight, be­ing care­ful not to drop the hips down.

Lift the hips so that your body takes the shape of an up­side-down V, keep­ing both the legs and arms straight.

Bend the el­bows and lower your up­per body un­til the top of your head nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push up un­til your arms are straight. Keep go­ing for a whole minute. We know you can do it!

STEP 4 Rene­gade rows

Tar­gets Back, bi­ceps, fore­arms, back of shoul­ders 1

Get into pushup po­si­tion, with hands rest­ing on top of the han­dles of two dumb­bells.

Ac­ti­vate the core (tense!), and row the right dumb­bell to the abs, then re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion.

Re­peat on the left side. You have two min­utes of these – 60 sec­onds per side.

STEP 5 Ad­vanced tri­cep dips Tar­gets Tri­ceps, front of shoul­ders 1

Place both hands on a bench or chair, fin­gers fac­ing to­wards body. Lift both legs, with the back of your an­kles flat on an­other sur­face of sim­i­lar height. If you can, put a dumb­bell on your thighs.

Bend the arms, but keep them close to the body.

Lower down, then press back up to the start­ing po­si­tion.

Re­peat for one minute – then you’re done!

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