Feel Your Way

Why it pays to heed your in­stincts

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world of well­ness, in­tu­itive heal­ers are com­ing out of the mys­ti­cal shad­ows and into the main­stream. Who are they? Use your sub­con­scious mind to fig­ure it out… JK! These al­ter­na­tive prac­ti­tion­ers ac­cess all five senses to help peo­ple un­lock their in­ner in­stincts.

Not buy­ing it? Fair enough. But con­sider that even hard­ened sci­en­tists ac­cept that the sub­con­scious mind can pick up on cues faster than the con­scious mind. And one 2016 study found that us­ing those in­stincts – aka un­con­scious emo­tional in­for­ma­tion – can help you make bet­ter, more con­fi­dent de­ci­sions.

But in our datadriven world, ‘We’ve been trained to give out­side pow­ers a say in our lives,’ says Jill Wil­lard, au­thor of In­tu­itive Be­ing. ‘In­tu­ition re­minds us that we hold the power. It can steer us to what’s right for us.’ Use these tech­niques to tune in to your gut.


When your gut has reser­va­tions about some­thing, it may ex­press them phys­i­cally, says hyp­nother­a­pist Alexan­dra Janelli, founder of Mo­drn Sanc­tu­ary, a well­ness stu­dio. ‘Your body cues might be giv­ing you an an­swer your brain doesn’t want to hear,’ says Janelli, who re­veals that her leg mus­cles of­ten tense when her in­tu­ition is try­ing to weigh in on a per­son or sit­u­a­tion.


Cre­ate a Do Not En­ter zone around your­self by go­ing to the li­brary, book­ing a mas­sage or tak­ing a mel­low yoga class. Tun­ing out can help you fo­cus on what’s hap­pen­ing in­ter­nally, says Deb­o­rah Flana­gan, a Reiki teacher and hyp­no­sis prac­ti­tioner.


In Hin­duism, the third eye – lo­cated in the cen­tre of your fore­head, be­tween your eye­brows – func­tions as a win­dow be­tween the in­tu­itive part of your brain and the out­side world, says Wil­lard. Try to imag­ine yours, then close your real eyes (this may sound silly but just go with it) and imag­ine that ‘higher’ eye open­ing. Breathe in and out for five to eight counts. Ac­cord­ing to Wil­lard, this ex­er­cise can help in­for­ma­tion flow more freely from your in­tu­ition.


When you no­tice happy co­in­ci­dences – for ex­am­ple, that the ad­dress of the apart­ment you want to rent is the same as your mom’s birth­day – it could be your in­tu­ition giv­ing its bless­ing. But ‘While “meant to be” signs are valu­able, also pay at­ten­tion to known fac­tors,’ says Dr Ju­dith Orloff, au­thor of The Em­path’s Sur­vival Guide. If liv­ing in that apart­ment dou­bles your com­mute, keep look­ing!

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