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If you’ve been pop­ping bi­otin sup­ple­ments for lush hair, dewy skin and strong nails, here’s a tough pill to swal­low: at high doses, the B-vi­ta­min could lead to mis­di­ag­noses of preg­nancy or con­di­tions such as in­fer­til­ity, thy­roid dis­ease and even cancer. Be­cause cer­tain lab tests use bi­otin to gen­er­ate re­sults, tak­ing mega­doses (a typ­i­cal tablet can have up to 10 000mcg – far more than the rec­om­mended daily 30mcg) can pro­duce false pos­i­tive or false neg­a­tive read­ings. We’re not say­ing you have to ditch your whole stash – but check with your doc­tor. She’ll likely sug­gest you skip them for two to three days be­fore a med­i­cal test. -KRISSY BRADY

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