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1 Know Your Noise Lev­els

Down­load an app such as Sound Me­ter or Noise Hunter to track the deci­bel level around you – at con­certs, in res­tau­rants and in techno-car­dio classes.

2 Pump Down the Vol­ume

You can still live life to a sound­track if you fol­low the 60:60 rule: lis­ten at no more than 60% of your de­vice’s vol­ume limit, no more than 60 min­utes a day. (At lower vol­umes, you can lis­ten for longer.)

3 Aban­don the Buds

We get it: they’re su­per-con­ve­nient. But if you’re crank­ing up the vol­ume, your ears are suf­fer­ing. Need to drown out back­ground noise? Noise-can­celling head­phones are best for block­ing am­bi­ent sound. (Look for a noise-re­duc­tion rat­ing, or NRR, of at least nine.)

4 Plug Them Up

Your best fes­ti­val ac­ces­sory? Earplugs. (Look closely: the band and crew are wear­ing them.) Fol­low in­struc­tions on the packet to in­sert them prop­erly, or they’ll be use­less.

5 Go in Peace

If you’re headed home af­ter a loud night, turn the car ra­dio down – and lay off loud noise for at least 16 hours.

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