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4 hand­fuls green kale 225ml olive oil 150g frozen edamame beans 2 large car­rots 1T honey ½ bunch radishes 1 cu­cum­ber 1T kim­chi sea­son­ing (avail­able at Wan­ti­ 1 av­o­cado 1 grape­fruit 1t Ja­panese 7 spice/ tog­a­r­ishi (avail­able at Chillies­


1 Wash the kale, dis­card the stalks and thor­oughly dry the leaves. Trans­fer to a large bowl with the olive oil and ‘mas­sage’ for five min­utes. ( Yes, really – it helps stop the leaves from tast­ing bit­ter.) Cook the edamame beans in boil­ing wa­ter for a cou­ple of min­utes, then drain.

2 Peel the car­rots, cut them in four and slice into rib­bons. (A spi­raliser, man­do­line or potato peeler will do the trick.) Sea­son with honey. Thinly slice the radishes, too, while you’re at it.

3 Thinly slice the cu­cum­ber, add a tea­spoon of salt and let the wa­ter drain off. This will take about 20 min­utes. Rinse un­der cold wa­ter and add the kim­chi sea­son­ing. Stir well.

4 Cut the avo in half, dis­card the stone and use a spoon to re­move the flesh. Slice very thinly. Next, peel the grape­fruit, cut into seg­ments and add to a bowl with the Ja­panese 7 spice mix.

5 Now as­sem­ble: in with the kale, fol­lowed by the car­rot, cu­cum­ber, edamame, av­o­cado, radish and grape­fruit. Dress with sweet ponzu sauce (see recipe on page 121), and serve.

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