You re­veal your most em­bar­rass­ing, ridicu­lous, what-was-I-think­ing mo­ments

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‘I was work­ing at a ra­dio sta­tion

and, one day, I slipped my ca­sual-sex buddy into the offŠice for a quickie. Lit­tle did I know the room had au­dio sur­veil­lance… A few days later, I was told that my “ser­vices were no longer re­quired”.’ RICKI, 25

‘I was hav­ing sex with my BF in my room.

We heard my lit­tle brother out­side so I hid in my wardrobe. He came in, and asked my BF where I was. My BF said I’d gone to the shop. I had my phone, so I texted my bro to ask if he needed any­thing. He wanted a slushie; when I “got back”, I told him the ma­chine was bro­ken…’ DANI, 24

‘I was telling my friend about a guy I was see­ing

– it wasn’t any­thing se­ri­ous yet. My friend took my phone to check out the guy’s In­sta­gram … then looked at me and smiled. I re­alised he’d liked all of this guy’s pho­tos from, like, a year ago. Thanks for mak­ing me look like a stalker!’ RAYANE, 19

‘On my first-ever date, I was so ner­vous that I sweated off my nip­ple cov­ers.

Then I got my pe­riod (while wear­ing a tight white skirt). I was also suf­fer­ing through blis­ters the en­tire time be­cause the date in­volved a lot of walk­ing around. Two hours in, I gave up and told him ev­ery­thing. Af­ter all that, I got a sec­ond date – and now he’s my BF.’ SHEREE, 20

‘I had just started see­ing this guy

when he told me that he gets grossed out very eas­ily, and how he re­ally hates it when peo­ple spit while talk­ing. I was laugh­ing so hard that I spat … right into his mouth. He was dis­gusted; we never spoke again.’ DANIELLE, 24

‘I was tex­ting with a guy for a few weeks.

It was be­com­ing more steamy and se­ri­ous … then he ac­ci­den­tally cre­ated a group of all the girls he was tex­ting. It was me and 16 oth­ers!’ LU­CIE, 27

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