3 If You’re a Tech Kween

You’re pas­sion­ate about cod­ing and web de­vel­op­ment, user ex­pe­ri­ence, and app de­vel­op­ment

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Cod­Ing Codecademy.com

You’ll learn Codecademy of­fers a range of cour­ses that teach you tech­ni­cal skills in a va­ri­ety of cod­ing lan­guages and top­ics (like HTML, Python, JavaScript and Ruby). StartS Any time

du­ra­tIon Eight to 10 weeks

ef­fort Take it at your own pace. aC­Cred­I­ta­tIon None, un­less you pay to com­plete the Pro ver­sion of the cour­ses (from about R250/month). en­trY re­quIre­mentS If you opt for the in­tro­duc­tory cour­ses, you don’t need any­thing to get started.

dIg­I­tal SkIllS: uSer ex­Pe­rI­enCe Fu­ture­learn.com

You’ll learn The foun­da­tions of user ex­pe­ri­ence (UX) de­sign, why it’s im­por­tant and how to test or de­velop your de­signs.

StartS There is an op­tion to be no­ti­fied by e-mail about up­com­ing course dates. du­ra­tIon Three weeks

ef­fort Two hours per week aC­Cred­I­ta­tIon It’s de­vel­oped in part­ner­ship with con­sul­tancy firm Ac­cen­ture; you’ll re­ceive a PDF cer­tifi­cate of achieve­ment once com­pleted. en­trY re­quIre­mentS None

Web Page de­vel­oP­ment Ali­son.com

You’ll learn The skills and tech­niques needed to cre­ate a func­tion­ing web­site. StartS Any time du­ra­tIon Three to four hours aC­Cred­I­ta­tIon You can for­malise your achieve­ment by buy­ing an of­fi­cial Ali­son diploma, cer­tifi­cate or PDF once you have com­pleted the course (from €12/about R180). en­trY re­quIre­mentS None

In­tro­duC­tIon to mo­bIle aPP de­vel­oP­ment uS­Ing An­droid Edx.org

You’ll learn The ba­sics of mo­bile app de­vel­op­ment through the An­droid plat­form. StartS 24 July 2018

du­ra­tIon Six weeks ef­fort Three to five hours per week

aC­Cred­I­ta­tIon The course is ac­cred­ited by the Hong Kong Uni­ver­sity of Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy; you can buy a cer­tifi­cate once you com­plete the course for US$99 (about R1 200). en­trY re­quIre­mentS Aimed at stu­dents with prior pro­gram­ming ex­pe­ri­ence, such as the ba­sics of Java pro­gram­ming.

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