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Skip Pro­cessed Food

It slows di­ges­tion, says Bowe, and the re­sult­ing stag­na­tion causes an over­growth of un­healthy bac­te­ria, po­ten­tially lead­ing to a ‘leaky gut’. This con­di­tion al­lows in‡lam­ma­tory bac­te­ria to en­ter the blood­stream, cre­at­ing sys­tem-wide in‡lam­ma­tion. In the skin, this can man­i­fest as any­thing from acne to eczema and even wrin­kles.

Eat Fer­mented Things

Con­sum­ing pro­bi­otics (aka friendly, bene‡icial bac­te­ria) through fer­mented food and drinks – such as kim­chi, sauer­kraut and kom­bucha – helps main­tain the in­tegrity of the gut lin­ing. They serve as nat­u­ral an­tibi­otics, bal­ance your body’s pH and con­trol in‡lam­ma­tion, all of which are es­sen­tial for healthy, glow­ing skin, says Bowe.

Be Choosy About Dairy

Milk – es­pe­cially fat-free – can trig­ger in‡lam­ma­tion (such as acne and red­ness) in the skin be­cause of the pro­teins ca­sein and whey, says Bowe. She rec­om­mends al­mond milk or co­conut milk in­stead. Yo­ghurt and many cheeses, on the other hand, are fer­mented – which may help can­cel out the neg­a­tive e’ects of dairy, says Bowe.

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