Even­tu­ally some­one has to pay for free higher ed­u­ca­tion

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Seems like all the coun­cil­lors have gone AWOL. Have not seen or heard from our coun­cil­lor in Khar­wastan from the time she’s been a coun­cil­lor. Still wait­ing...

Hor­rific fire at Sy­den­ham: I try my best to be­lieve that there will be a higher force, one day, to put our gov­ern­ment into the worst of nu­clear fire, for al­low­ing such crimes to con­tinue, whilst smil­ing away, plan­ning fur­ther atomic en­ergy deals and such, to fill their cof­fers, ad nau­seam!

It’s a tragedy that the ma­jor­ity of Zuma’s fol­low­ers can’t read the books that have re­cently been pub­lished. I bet that fact brings on an inane gig­gle. Er­rol.

The EFF cer­tainly as a “so­lu­tion” for all our so­cial woes. Na­tion­alise banks and mines and we’ll all en­joy free ed­u­ca­tion and all things free. So, who works? I sup­pose their brand of so­cial­ism can be used to ad­dress the high fail­ure rate in ed­u­ca­tion: deduct marks from the dili­gent stu­dents and add to the shirk­ers. Such is so­cial­ist idio­syn­crasy. Sigh.

I con­firm Ja­cob Zuma has no shares nor has he di­rec­tor­ships. Why would he have shares, he has taken the whole coun­try! Why would he have di­rec­tor­ships if he has taken the dic­ta­tor­ship? JGV.

Pub­lic ser­vants of high value and stan­dards must re­main in the pub­lic ser­vice notwith­stand­ing the po­lit­i­cal med­dling. The Zuma era will end and we need morally high stan­dard pub­lic ser­vants to block cor­rup­tion. It im­por­tant that unions also sup­port th­ese pub­lic ser­vants from oc­cu­pa­tional detri­ment.

If the au­thor is charged does it not mean he wrote the truth, as he dis­closed what was cov­ered: no tax paid. In be­ing charged, the pres­i­dent is guilty by de­fault.

SANDF sol­dier

The sol­dier that was shot by her boyfriend surely did not qual­ify for a mil­i­tary fu­neral. She might have been in an op­er­a­tional area, but the bot­tom line is that her boyfriend shot her. She was not killed in ac­tion. Den­ton, Dur­ban.

As far as I know from my past ex­pe­ri­ences, the pall­bear­ers at a mil­i­tary fu­neral must be at­tired in full mil­i­tary uni­form. The pall­bear­ers for Pri­vate No­math­emba Ngeleka’s fu­neral weren’t dressed with their berets when car­ry­ing the cof­fin. Has this reg­u­la­tion been amended? Just cu­ri­ous.

Odds and ends

The UK once had free higher ed­u­ca­tion. But it had to be paid for. So the top rate of in­come tax was 95%. Thus, if you were paid well, you got R5 for every R100 you earned. The R95 was taken from you as tax. I know, I was there! Choices, choices! You can­not have it both ways. There is no magic so­lu­tion here. Mike.

I am a reg­u­lar vis­i­tor to the beach and viewsite. Over the years the mu­nic­i­pal­ity in­stalled rub­bish bins and benches, but some id­iots burnt, dam­aged and rolled bins down the slopes. Also ripped off wooden slats from benches and used for fire­wood. Also, in­for­ma­tion board dam­aged and thrown into bushes. Coun­cil­lor should con­cen­trate on im­prov­ing roads around Mere­bank. Mul­let.

Ar­ti­cle UKZN pay­outs un­der re­view. It’s a dis­grace that th­ese ex­ec­u­tives are ques­tion­ing their pay­outs. They are lucky to have even been of­fered any­thing, as they don’t de­serve a cent! They need to self re­flect and ac­cept re­spon­si­bil­ity for their ac­tions. The ma­jor­ity by far don’t want them back any­way, they need to re­alise that.

Roy Mood­ley casts “a bad light on In­di­ans” needs com­ment. Cor­rup­tion is found in all race groups, we must never as­sume that In­di­ans are above re­proach. As an In­dian I have noted cor­rup­tion at all lev­els of so­ci­ety. The J Pauw ex­posé also fin­gers other race group cor­rup­tion be­sides the arch vil­lain. To sin­gle out the In­dian com­mu­nity for be­ing above guilt is to ig­nore the cor­rupt prac­tices that pre­vail around us.

The gov­ern­ment should for­get about try­ing to con­trol who the head of a school is, and rather fo­cus on find­ing out why school fees are so high. 50K for grade 8 at a Model C and 120K at one pri­vate Dur­ban school. Is this not ex­ces­sively high? How can we af­ford th­ese fees?

How I see it is that SA Rugby were a dom­i­nant force un­til politi­cians started stick­ing their filthy noses into this sport. If SA is to win any sil­ver­ware, then bring back the Afrikaner stal­warts, as this sport is in their veins. Nikesh, Dur­ban.

@neu­tri­noDota2: Re­ac­tion of Swedish play­ers for qual­i­fy­ing and of Italy play­ers for be­ing dis­qual­i­fied. Damn, not just a game :,)

@dwipu­trandi: i didnt have enough en­thu­si­asm to watch World Cup ‘18 af­ter Italy’s got beaten, and Buf­fon’s tears. hope­fully it can change

@LukeDaMom­mio: I don’t re­ally care that USA didn’t make the World Cup, but Italy...oye.

@Hu­goA­maya91: Italy out of World Cup. #Buf­fon last game for Italy. Pirlo, Kaká, #Drogba re­tire. Dear 2017, why are you like this ?

@Cik_mi­laa: A World Cup with­out Italy, is like a love song with­out heart­break

@jl­mor­row7: The world isn’t over, Italy just didn’t make the World Cup.... stop cry­ing about it lol



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