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PLEASE, PLEASE tell me it isn’t just me. Is there some­thing in the wa­ter or some­thing? Some­how I just can’t get my mind around what is hap­pen­ing, es­pe­cially with re­gard to adults abus­ing small chil­dren – both phys­i­cally and sex­u­ally.

Adults, and es­pe­cially par­ents, are sup­posed to be the pro­tec­tors of these young peo­ple. They (the par­ents) are meant to men­tor and shape them to grow up into re­spon­si­ble adults.

I think in my next life I want to come back as a one of these psy­chi­a­trist guru-type peo­ple who can get into the minds of peo­ple so that I can bet­ter un­der­stand what sat­is­fac­tion some­one ac­tu­ally gets out of com­mit­ting these ab­hor­rent acts. Or, maybe I could just sit down one day like one of these fancy in­ves­tiga­tive re­porters and in­ter­view one of these crit­ters so that they can ex­plain to me why they did what they did.

What plea­sure do they de­rive from ei­ther beat­ing the crap out of a de­fence­less child, rap­ing a de­fence­less child or watch­ing a de­fence­less child en­gag­ing in a lewd act?

To me just the very thought of any of the above has al­ready made my stom­ach turn over 5 000 times.

Then you have the au­dac­ity to stand up in court and deny your im­ages, it took three years for Beale to be sen­tenced on those

18 644 charges of pos­ses­sion of child pornog­ra­phy.

Hope­fully he will use his 15 years in jail to pon­der his ac­tions and the lives he has de­stroyed.

And I must say that our jus­tice sys­tem re­ally stepped up here. The mag­is­trate in this case reaf­firmed a num­ber of key facts and, in do­ing so, echoed WMACA’s sen­ti­ment in this re­gard.

She ac­knowl­edged the se­ri­ous­ness of the crimes de­picted in the im­ages, stat­ing that chil­dren’s best in­ter­ests are of para­mount im­por­tance, and that these im­ages were full of voice­less vic­tims, many of them who couldn’t even walk yet.

“It was pointed out that there has been an in­crease both in the num­ber of these cases as well as the num­ber of sex­ual vi­o­lence cases that are seen in court, and that a strong mes­sage had to be sent, as Beale was part of a com­mu­nity that pro­moted this in­dus­try, and there is a need to clamp down on these of­fend­ers.

I sin­cerely hope our jus­tice sys­tem con­tin­ues to step up es­pe­cially in the on­go­ing case of lit­tle Poppie van der Merwe.

Jus­tice needs to be done for our young, voice­less vic­tims. But, most of all I just hope this cy­cle of vi­o­lence against chil­dren ends soon.

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