Boy found dead in ceme­tery

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MYS­TERY sur­rounds the death of a 16-year-old Pampier­stad boy who was found dead with a rope tied around his neck in the lo­cal ceme­tery.

The fam­ily of Amo­ge­lang Itume­leng Mot­shedi were yes­ter­day still in the dark about the de­tails sur­round­ing the death of the teenager.

When they saw Amo­ge­lang’s body they said that there was ev­i­dence that he had been badly as­saulted.

Amo­ge­lang’s grand­mother, Bafa­jang Gae­dume, said that the in­ci­dent still feels sur­real to her.

“I woke up on Thurs­day morn­ing and cleaned the yard. As I was about to go back inside the house, two po­lice of­fi­cials driv­ing in a white bakkie in­di­cated to me that I must come closer to my gate. At first I did not know that the peo­ple inside the ve­hi­cle were po­lice of­fi­cials as they were not dressed in uni­form.

“I went closer and they asked me to come with them. I did not ask any ques­tions nor did I even query why the peo­ple in the ve­hi­cle wanted me to ac­com­pany them. I told them that I wanted my daugh­ter to come with me and they agreed,” said Gae­dume.

She said that on the way to the ceme­tery the of­fi­cials ques­tioned them about their per­sonal in­for­ma­tion.

“The one of­fi­cer asked me whom I was stay­ing with at the house. I told him I was stay­ing with my daugh­ter and my grand­chil­dren. He asked if any of the chil­dren are go­ing to school. I told him that the 13-year-old girl was at­tend­ing school and that the 16-year-old boy had stopped go­ing to school about three weeks ago.”

Gae­dume said that the of­fi­cials then ex­plained that the rea­son why they had asked them to ac­com­pany them was be­cause there was a body of a teenage boy found in the ceme­tery.

“The po­lice of­fi­cials told us that they are not say­ing that it is our child that was found but they wanted us to iden­tify the body in or­der to be cer­tain. At first I did not think much of it and also did not think it was my child.”

Gae­dume said that when they saw the body they could not be­lieve their eyes.


“The po­lice took us to some open spot inside the ceme­tery. The body was ly­ing next to a small tree. There was a rope around the neck of the child and one could see the marks that the rope left on his neck. We also saw that he had scuff marks on his face, which looked like some­one had dragged him with the rope. The scuff marks were on the left side of his face as well as the front by the nose and fore­head.

“There was also dirt inside his nose and mouth which also in­di­cated that the per­son was drag­ging him while his face was on the ground. His face was swollen and it looked as if he had been as­saulted too,” Gae­dume said through tears.

She said that Amo­ge­lang’s mother im­me­di­ately recog­nised her son by the clothes that he was wear­ing.

“As we went closer to the body to see the face, the mother of the child al­ready broke down. She recog­nised him by the black All Star sneak­ers he was wear­ing and the blue and white T-shirt. Amo­ge­lang also wore blue sweat­pants with white stripes on that day.”

Gae­dume said that the fam­ily had ruled out that Amo­ge­lang may have tried to com­mit sui­cide.

“The tree which he was found next to was too small and short for any­one to hang them­selves from. Also, from the ap­pear­ance of his face, one could see that there was some­one who had hurt him. My grand­son did not have a big build and the per­son who did this must have been older and stronger than him.”

Gae­dume said that she had last seen her grand­son play­ing in the street on Wed­nes­day last week.

“Amo­ge­lang and two of his friends were play­ing in the street the whole day. I saw and heard them in the street. I later saw them walk­ing down the street but did not ask where they were go­ing.

“I stay in the big house and Amo­ge­lang and his mother, as well as his sib­lings, stay in the spare rooms at the back of the hose. I am not cer­tain what time Amo­ge­lang came back. I also did not go to their room to see if he was home the Thurs­day morn­ing af­ter I woke up.”

She said that the fam­ily were now pray­ing for an­swers.

“I want an­swers as to what hap­pened to my child and the per­son who is re­spon­si­ble should be ar­rested. I have lost a child who was not ill and still full of life the last time I saw him. It is heart­break­ing that some­one had to end his life in this tragic man­ner,” she cried.

Po­lice spokesper­son, Cap­tain Ser­gio Kock, said that the po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing a case of mur­der.

“The Pampier­stad po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing a mur­der af­ter the dis­cov­ery of a de­ceased boy on Thurs­day, Septem­ber 6 2018, at about 9.30am.

“A passer-by alerted the po­lice about a body be­hind the Pampier­stad Ceme­tery. The de­ceased was found on the ground with a bi­cy­cle chain around his neck. The de­ceased is 16 years old and no one has been ar­rested yet.

“Any­one with in­for­ma­tion about the in­ci­dent or the sus­pect must please call De­tec­tive Sergeant Le­bo­gang Tobolo on 073 763 2015. The in­ves­ti­ga­tion con­tin­ues,” said Kock.

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