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RJohn S­cott e­sol­ving ro­ad ra­ge by wa­shing the ot­her fel­low’s feet has to be bet­ter than be­a­ting him to de­ath with a hoc­key stick, which is how one mo­to­rist sett­led a dis­pu­te in Fish Hoek ma­ny y­e­ars ago.

E­ver sin­ce, w­he­ne­ver I an­ge­red so­meo­ne on the ro­ad or t­hey an­ge­red me, I re­mem­be­red the hoc­key stick. Or if I f­or­got it, my wi­fe re­min­ded me.

Let’s not ha­ve a hoc­key stick in­ci­dent, we agree.

But E­gan Vor­ster and Ma­ri­us Gel­den­huys ha­ve chan­ged all that. Af­ter get­ting in­to an al­ter­ca­ti­on in Paarl, t­hey en­ded up by wa­shing e­ach ot­her’s feet.

In fu­tu­re, if I e­ver find my­self ro­a­ring e­pit­hets at a mi­ni­bus taxi dri­ver, I shall ask my­self if I re­al­ly want to get

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