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The Sony Xpe­ria XZ Pre­mium has beaten many op­po­nents in to­day’s tech-ex­treme world. Last year at the an­nual Global Mo­bile Awards (or Glomo Awards), the Xpe­ria XZ Pre­mium was named as the Best New Smart­phone or Con­nected Mo­bile De­vice. This ac­co­lade is not the only one on Sony’s shelf thanks to its new flag­ship smart­phone. The de­vice has also been recog­nised as GSM Arena’s Best New Mo­bile Hand­set. Much of the ad­mi­ra­tion of the Xpe­ria Pre­mium is due to the 4K HDR dis­play – the first smart­phone ever to have this – and Mo­tion Eye cam­era, en­sur­ing video and im­age clar­ity. Not only that, but the Xpe­ria is also wa­ter re­sis­tant and re­in­forced with durable Corn­ing Go­rilla Glass 5.


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