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THE ar­ti­cle “Sex­ca­pades in the spot­light (8 June)” should serve as a warn­ing to all pub­lic fig­ures: When you rise to promi­nence you of­ten at­tract many peo­ple who want to use you for fi­nan­cial gain or who want to be fa­mous through you. You might face se­duc­tions which are dif­fi­cult to re­sist.

When faced with such chal­lenges, re­main dis­ci­plined and con­sider the con­se­quences. It takes many years to build a ca­reer, but so it’s painful to see a hero’s name tar­nished by a few min­utes of flirt­ing. We know celebs and politi­cians are nor­mal peo­ple but we ex­pect them to lead by ex­am­ple and act re­spon­si­bly. PERCY MOF­FAT, MAMELODI EAST

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