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I’d like to ask my fel­low men to stop killing our sis­ters. I’d also like to warn our sis­ters not to risk their lives by ac­cept­ing fake love pro­pos­als from men who only see them as sex ob­jects.

Men must be able to love them­selves be­fore they can love women. Men must stop be­ing mon­sters and start treat­ing women as fel­low hu­man be­ings. Dear sis­ters, start em­pow­er­ing your­selves and stop de­pend­ing on men. Some men use their wealth as death traps. My fel­low men, why not pro­tect women in­stead? Real men pro­tect and pro­vide for women. AMOS TEBEILA, MOHLALETSE VIL­LAGE

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