DRUM - - Ed's Note -

I read “One big happy fam­ily (8 June)” and I won­der if the polyg­a­mous fam­ily could in­deed be happy.

One of a wo­man’s main needs is for her man to give her his full at­ten­tion. I find it odd that one man can give four women the kind of at­ten­tion they need.

I also won­der if this man can love his wives equally. If he doesn’t, chances are the younger wife could be the favourite. Then the other wives will feel ne­glected.

How­ever, I sup­port polygamy be­cause it’s much bet­ter than ex­tra­mar­i­tal af­fairs, which of­ten end re­la­tion­ships. It takes spe­cial skills for one man to make four women happy. I take my hat off to Musa Mse­leku. DC MOLOKOMME, PRETORIA

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