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Short bowel syn­drome oc­curs in peo­ple who have had surgery to re­move a por­tion of their small or large in­tes­tine. It’s a rel­a­tively rare dis­or­der, af­fect­ing about three peo­ple per mil­lion around the world.

It can sig­nif­i­cantly af­fect a per­son’s qual­ity of life, leav­ing them un­able to ab­sorb enough wa­ter and nu­tri­ents, lead­ing to de­hy­dra­tion and mal­nu­tri­tion.

Pa­tients of­ten suf­fer from di­ar­rhoea and weight loss. They can be in con­sid­er­able ab­dom­i­nal pain and ex­pe­ri­ence chronic fa­tigue. Al­though surgery can help, there’s no cure for short bowel syn­drome and pa­tients usu­ally live around four years af­ter di­ag­no­sis.

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