Beauty: feed your thirsty skin

Say good­bye to dry skin with th­ese fa­cial mois­turis­ers, DIY face­masks and top tips


YOU’LL be hard-pressed to find any­one say­ing the first thing they no­tice about you is your skin. It’s usu­ally eyes that make an im­pact, lips that ­at­tract at­ten­tion, or hair that draws ad­mi­ra­tion and envy in equal mea­sure. But if your skin is dry and dull, it has a huge ef­fect on how you look, adding years to your ap­pear­ance no mat­ter your age.

It’s not just the ab­sence of a dewy glow that makes a dif­fer­ence. Dry skin looks and feels rough and your make-up won’t ap­ply well.

In win­ter many of us are prone to dry skin, even if we don’t get it dur­ing rest of the year. But you can sport se­ri­ously glow­ing, hy­drated skin this sea­son by fol­low­ing the right beauty reg­i­men. The key is to find prod­ucts that work for you – and to be con­sis­tent about how you ap­ply them.

There are plenty of tips and tricks that won’t bust your bud­get. We’ll show you how.


Start with reg­u­lar cleans­ing – it re­moves dirt, gets rid of dead skin cells and un­clogs pores. If you don’t get this stage right, it will have a knock-on ef­fect be­cause the other prod­ucts won’t work as well as they should. Win­ter weather can have a harsh ef­fect on your skin, so opt for a face­wash and ex­fo­lia­tor that are gen­tle, soap-free or mois­tur­is­ing. Quick tip Use a fa­cial sponge or cleans­ing brush with your face­wash for deep cleans­ing.


Look for a mois­turiser that says “added mois­ture” or “highly mois­tur­is­ing”. You can ap­ply a serum af­ter cleans­ing but al­ways fol­low it with a mois­turiser.

Mois­turis­ers can per­form more than one task – they brighten and re­ju­ve­nate and have anti-age­ing prop­er­ties. You can use the same mois­turiser dur­ing the day and at night or, if you can af­ford to, get your­self a night cream. Splurge on this if you have very dry skin.

Ap­ply a hy­drat­ing mask af­ter ex­fo­li­at­ing or af­ter a deep cleanse once a week.

Fast fact Yes it’s win­ter, but you still need to ap­ply sun­screen daily – even if your mois­turiser and make-up have an SPF.


1 Wet your face with wa­ter be­fore you ­ap­ply your face­wash.

2 Place a small amount of face­wash on your fin­ger­tips, rub your hands to­gether, then gen­tly rub face­wash onto your face.

3 Rub your face­wash in cir­cu­lar mo­tions all over your face for about a minute.

4 Rinse with warm (not hot) ­wa­ter then ­reap­ply face­wash (de­pend­ing on how dirty your skin is) and re­peat the sec­ond step. Or you can now ap­ply an ex­fo­lia­tor and rub it in as you did your face­wash in the third step.

5 If you’re us­ing a cleans­ing fa­cial brush, you won’t need to use an ex­fo­lia­tor. Don’t use the brush with an ex­fo­lia­tor, or one af­ter the other on the same day – it would be too harsh on your skin.

6 Wet your cleans­ing fa­cial brush, ap­ply a small amount of face­wash and gen­tly move the brush in cir­cu­lar mo­tions all over your face, avoid­ing the eye area.

7 Rinse your face with warm wa­ter once done, then pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

8 Im­me­di­ately af­ter, ap­ply serum or ­mois­turiser us­ing your fin­ger­tips. 9 Rub your mois­turiser in well. 10 Ap­ply sun­screen then make-up as ­de­sired.

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